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90'30 ' 90ZO' 910' 90'00' R.IW . R.IE . R.2E R.3E. R.E T.41N. I- .... IL-I III - I. -- Co-------- I I IIII. T.40N. -- „-- I11 --- u---- -2 g811 I II-_ - - Is------0ItIII T38N. T.37N. -


l t- U . DKPARTMWT or AIRICUITUrt rowmCT WenVIcc F. A. SI.CO , CHICF CHEQUAMEGON NATIONAL FOREST FLAMBEAU DIVISION WISCONSIN 4TH PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 1936 S K «»4y_ _M ilts Ntional Forest Boundary I Added othe Chequmegqon National Forest DIAGRAM FORMING PrA Or PROCLAMATION DATED DEC,311536 ^^^ f ' 90uio'a '