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PROCLAMATIONS, 1937 Category IV (1) Revolvers and automatic pistols using ammunition in excess of caliber .22; (2) Ammunition in excess of caliber .22 for the arms enu- merated under (1) above, and cartridge cases or bullets for such ammunition. Category V (1) Aircraft, unassembled, assembled or dismantled, both heavier and lighter than air, other than those included in Category III; (2) Propellers or air screws, fuselages, hulls, wings, tail units, and under-carriage units; (3) Aircraft engines, unassembled, assembled, or dismantled. Category VI (1) Livens projectors and flame throwers; (2) a. Mustard gas (dichlorethyl sulphide); b. Lewisite (chlorvinyldichlorarsine and dichlordivinyl- chlorarsine); c. Methyldichlorarsine; d. Diphenylchlorarsine; e. Diphenylcyanarsine; f. Diphenylaminechlorarsine; g. Phenyldichlorarsine; h. Ethyldichlorarsine; i. Phenyldibromarsine; j. Ethyldibromarsine; k. Phosgene; 1. Monochlormethylchlorformate; m. Trichlormethylchlorformate (diphosgene); n. Dichlordimethyl Ether; o. Dibromdimethyl Ether; p. Cyanogen Chloride; q. Ethylbromacetate; r. Ethyliodoacetate; s. Brombenzylcyanide; t. Bromacetone; u. Brommethylethyl ketone. Category VII (1) Propellant powders; (2) High explosives as follows: a. Nitrocellulose having a nitrogen content of more than 12%; b. Trinitrotoluene; c. Trinitroxylene; d. Tetryl (trinitrophenol methyl nitramine or tetranitro methylaniline); e. Picric acid; f. Ammonium picrate; g. Trinitroanisol; h. Trinitronaphthalene; i. Tetranitronaphthalene; j. Hexanitrodiphenylamine; k. Pentaerythritetetranitrate (Penthrite or Pentrite); 1. Trimethylenetrinitramine (Hexogen or T4); m. Potassium nitrate powders (black saltpeter powder); n. Sodium nitrate powders (black soda powder); Categories-Con- tinued. 1833