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PROCLAMATIONS, 1937 State permits. Possession, etc., for personal use without permit. Feathers. Marking, etc., pack- ages. Permits to collect specimens. 6. No permit issued by the Secretary authorizes the taking, pos- session, sale, purchase, exchange, or transportation of migratory waterfowl or their eggs unless the permittee has in his possession while exercising any such privilege a valid, subsisting permit of equivalent tenor issued to him by the State in which he proposes to operate. No permit issued by the Secretary authorizes the transportation of mi- gratory waterfowl or their eggs from Mexico into the United States unless such waterfowl or eggs are accompanied by a Mexican export permit. Permits are not transferable and are revocable at any time in the discretion of the Secretary. A permit revoked by the Secre- tary shall be surrendered to him by the person to whom it was issued on demand of any employee of the United States Department of Agriculture authorized to enforce the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. 7. A person may possess and transport, subject to the provisions of paragraph 8 of this regulation, for his own use, without a permit, live migratory waterfowl now legally possessed or hereafter legally acquired by him, but he may not purchase or sell such waterfowl without a permit. A State or municipal game farm or city park may possess, purchase, sell, and transport live migratory waterfowl without a permit, but no such waterfowl shall be purchased from or sold to a person (other than such State or municipal game farm or city park) unless he has a permit. Feathers of wild ducks and wild geese legally killed, and feathers of such birds seized and condemned by Federal or State game authorities, may be possessed, purchased, sold, and transported for use in making fishing flies, bed pillows, and mattresses, and for such similar commercial purposes, but not for millinery or ornamental purposes. 8. Every package in which migratory waterfowl or parts or eggs thereof are shipped wholly within a State or Territory, or the District of Columbia, or m which such waterfowl, parts, or eggs are transported by any means whatever from one State, Territory, or the District of Co- lumbia to, into, or through another State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, or to a foreign country, shall be plainly and clearly marked, labeled, or tagged on the outside thereof to show the name and address of the consignor and consignee, the contents of the package, the number of the permit under authority of which it is shipped or transported and the purpose for which the waterfowl or eggs are being shipped or transported. Regulation 9. -P ER M ITS TO COLLECT MIGRATORY BIRDS FOR SCIENTIFIC PURPOSES Scientific colec- 1. A person in possession of a valid, subsisting permit issued to him by a State, on its part, authorizing him to take therein migratory birds or their nests or eggs for scientific purposes may take such birds or their nests or eggs in such State for such purposes when authorized by a permit issued to him by the Secretary. Both permits shall be carried on his person when he is collecting migratory birds thereunder, and shall be exhibited to any person requesting to see them; but noth- ing herein shall be deemed to permit the taking of any migratory game bird during the open season therefor in any manner or by any means or at any time of the day not permitted by regulations 3 and 4 of these regulations. Applications. 2. Applications for permits shall be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., and must state the name and address of the applicant, his age, the State or Territory in which migratory birds or their nests or eggs are proposed to be taken, the purpose for which they are intended, information sufficient to show that such birds, nests or eggs permitted to be taken will be devoted to scientific 1852