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LIQUOR 343 spirits to a separate portion of said warehouse which shall be set apart and used exclusively for that purpose, and there, under the supervision of a United States storekeeper-gauger in charge of such warehouse, may immediately draw off such spirits, bottle, pack, and case the same. For convenience in such process any number of pack- ages of spirits of the same kind, differing only in proof, but produced at the same distillery by the same distiller, may be mingled together in a cistern provided for that purpose, but nothing herein shall au- thorize or permit any mingling of different products, or of the same products of different distilling seasons, or the addition or subtraction of any substance or material or the application of any method or process to alter or change in any way the original condition or char- acter of the product except as herein authorized; nor shall there be at the same time in the bottling room of any internal revenue bonded warehouse any spirits entered for withdrawal upon pay- ment of the tax and any spirits entered for export. (b) STAMPS FOR BTTLErs. - Every bottle when filled shall have affixed thereto and passing over the mouth of the same a stamp de- noting the quantity of distilled spirits contained therein and evidenc- ing the bottling in bond of such spirits under the provisions of this section and sections 2904 to 2909, inclusive, and of regulations pre- scribed hereunder. (c) STAMP REGULATIONS. -The Commissioner, with the approval of the Secretary, shall prescribe (a) regulations with respect to the time and manner of applying for, issuing, affixing, and destroying stamps required by this section, the form and denominations of such stamps, applications for purchase of the stamps, proof that applicants are entitled to such stamps, and the method of accounting for receipts from the sale of such stamps, and (b) such other regulations as the Commissioner shall deem necessary for the enforcement of this sec- tion and sections 2904 to 2909, inclusive. (d) STAMP SUPPLY. -Such stamps shall be issued by the Commis- sioner to each collector, upon his requisition in such numbers as may be necessary in his district, and, upon compliance with the provisions of this section and sections 2904 to 2909, inclusive, and regulations issued hereunder shall be sold by collectors to persons entitled thereto, at a price of 1 cent for each stamp, except that in the case of stamps for containers of less than one-half pint, the price shall be one-quarter of 1 cent for each stamp. (e) MARKS, BRANDS, AND STAMPS FOR CASES. -And there shall be plainly burned, embossed, or printed on the side of each case, to be known as the Government side, such marks, brands, and stamps to denote the bottling in bond of the whisky packed therein as the Commissioner may by regulations prescribe. (f) TRADE MARKS.- And no trade-marks shall be put upon any bottle unless the real name of the actual bona fide distiller, or the name of the individual, firm, partnership, corporation, or association in whose name the spirits were produced and warehoused, shall also be placed conspicuously on said bottle. (g) TRANSFER OF DUTIES.- For transfer of powers and duties of Commissioner and his agents, see section 3170. SEC. 2904. REGULATIONS GOVERNING BOTTLING IN BOND. (a) REQUIREMENTs. -The Commissioner, with the approval of the Secretary, may, by regulations, prescribe the mode of separating and securing the additional warehouse, or portion of the warehouse re- quired in section 2903 to be set apart, the manner in which the busi- ness of bottling spirits in bond shall be carried on, the notices, bonds, and returns to be given and accounts and records to be kept by the persons conducting such business, the mode and time of inspection of such spirits, the accounts and records to be kept and returns made