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Masters, vessels in domestic commerce, proceedings on change of---------- Maternal and Child Health Services, ap- propriation for grants to States for _ _ Maternal and Child Welfare, appropria- tion for -------------------------- Mauckport, Ind., bridge authorized across Ohio River at--------------------- Maxwell Field, Ala., acquisition of addi- tional land authorized ----------- McMahon, Brien, restriction with respect to counsel in certain cases waived in favor of ----------------------- McNeil Island, Wash., appropriation for construction and repair of buildings-_ McReynolds, Sam D., payment to widow of ----------------------------- Meat Inspection Act, appropriation for en- forcement---------------------- Mediation Board. See National Media- tion Board. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, Springfield, Mo., appropriation for maintenance, etc----------------- Medicine Lake Migratory Waterfowl Ref- uge, Mont., funds made available for payment of deficiency judgments, condemnation proceedings, etc------ Memphis, Tenn.: Bridge authorized across Mississippi Riverat----------------------- Modification of flood-control project- _- Memphis and Arkansas Bridge Com- mission, creation; powers and duties- Menominee Indians, Wis.: Advances to members, funds available for; regulations -----. . ---. . ---. Appropriation for home construction, etc Enrollment of children of enrolled mem- bers; determination of blood degree Mental Hygiene, Division of. See Public Health Service. Merchant Marine. See Officers' Compe- tency Certificates Convention, 1936; Vessels. Merchant Marine Act, 1936, Amend- ments. See also Intercoastal Ship- ping Act, 1933, Amendment; Shipping Act, 1916, Amendment. Construction contract provisions------ Construction-differential subsidy- Amount, determination of--------- Obsolete vessels, acquisition of, in ex- change for allowance of credit -- Allowance, determination of----- Application of amount toward new vessel--------------------- Definitions-- ------------------ Disposition of acquired vessels---- Report to Congress of operations-- Utility value of new vessel------ Page 794 924 924 1241 1123 1248 901 1301 950 901 1317 1338 860 1338 698 697 1003 1254 1183 1184 1184 1184 1183 1185 1184 1184 Merchant Marine Act, 1936, Amend- ments-Continued. Fishing trade or industry, eligibility of vessels in, for ship mortgage insur- ance--------------------------- Maritime Commission- Details from Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, com- pensation ----------------- Employees authorized ----------- Detail of, for scientific training at Government expense ---- Maritime Service, United States, estab- lishment -------------------- Extension and correspondence courses Government facilities, use of

Ratings -------------------------- Training, scope of----------------- New vessels for operation in foreign and domestic trade, application for aid in construction; no construction- differential subsidy------------- Down payment provisions -------- Operating-differential subsidy- Foreign-trade routes, additional sub- sidy, when granted----------- Payments, limitation on amount -- - Special reserve fund, reimbursement of amounts due Commission from; deferred payments; amo unt s transferred from and not repaid, payment from other assets----- Private charter operation- Bids, rejection of----------------- Charter provisions------------- Essential trade routes, construction and charter of vessels for service on, upon finding of inability to develop under private operation; terms-------------------- Foreign trade routes, limitation on sale price of vessels for operation on------------------------- Requisition of vessels by Commission during national emergency, etc.; compensation---------------- Ship mortgage insurance, eligibility of vessels in fishing trade or industry- Violation of orders, etc., of Commis- sion, penalty ----------------- Mesa Verde National Park, Colo., appro- priation for administration, etc ---- Mescalero Hospital, N. Mex., appropria- tion for-------------------------- Mescalero Indians, N. Mex.: Apache Tribe, purchase of land for, authorized------------------- Appropriation for- Construction and repair----------- Irrigation systems--------------- Loss of livestock. reimbursement for- Page 1187 1182 1182 1182 1182 1183 1183 1183 1183 810 810 1185 1185 1185 1186 1254 1186 1185 1255 1187 1187 727 707 551 1316 703 699 INDEX LXX ..... ..... .. ..... --- -