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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 119-MAY 10, 1939 Great Lakes, Wis. Great Lakes, Wisconsin: Addition to school building (Lac du Flambeau), $40,000; Haskell Institute, Haskell Institute, Kansas: Employees' quarters (student project), Kans.$6,000; improvements to utilities, $10,000; HoopaValley, Calif. Hoopa Valley, California: Remodeling and enlarging hospital, $13,000; Jicarilla, N. Mex. Jicarilla, New Mexico: Improvements to power plant, $25,000; dormitory facilities, $75,000; Keshena. Wis. Keshena, Wisconsin: Dwellings for employees, $15,000; Kiowa, Okla. Kiowa, Oklahoma: Riverside, dormitory facilities, $75,000; Fort Sill, dormitory facilities, $75,000; Navajo, Ariz. Navajo, Arizona: Superintendent's residence (Window Rock), $10,000; dwelling for employee at sheep experiment station (Fort Wingate), $6,500; employees' building (Fort Defiance), $75,000; Pima, Ariz. Pima, Arizona: Hospital and quarters, $175,000; one dwelling, $7,500; Pine Ridge, S. Dak. Pine Ridge, South Dakota: Employees' cottages, $22,500; RockyBoy's, Mont. Rocky Boy's, Montana: Improvements to sewer system, $15,000; Rosebud, s. Dak. Rosebud, South Dakota: Quarters for hospital attendants, $15,000; Sac and Fox, Iowa. Sac and Fox, Iowa: Improvements to heating plant and distribu- tion lines, $25,000; Chemawa, Oreg. Chemawa, Oregon: Remodeling and improving hospital, $15,000; an arlos, Ariz. San Carlos, Arizona: One dwelling, $7,500; San xavier, Ariz. San Xavier, Arizona: Cottages for employees, $15,000; ells, Ariz. Sells, Arizona: Improving water supply, $15,000; cottages for employees, $15,000; warehouse, $20,000; Seminole Fla. Seminole, Florida: Cottage for employee, $4,500; SnanOl Sanatori- Shawnee Sanatorium, Oklahoma: Remodeling women's semiambu- lant building, $25,000; fireproof auditorium and occupational-therapy building, $35,000; herman Insti Sheran Instituten Institute, California: Improvements to utilities, including the connection of the school sewer lines with the system of the city of Riverside, $35,000; warehouse (student project), $10,000; Standing Rock, N . Standing Rock, North Dakota: Utilities distribution lines, $35,000; jail and quarters, $15,000; cottages for employees, $22,500; dairy barn, $15,000; United Pueblos, N . United Pueblos, New Mexico: Cottages for employees, $8,000; Mex. remodeling dormitory (Santa Fe), $60,000; repairs to buildings (Taos), $10,000; Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Oregon: Dairy barn, $12,000; office building, Oreg. $25,000; Winnebago, Nebr. Winnebago, Nebraska: Improvements to water system, $10,000; cot- tages for farm agents, $15,000; Administrative ex- For administrative expenses, including personal services in the Dis- trict of Columbia and elsewhere; not to exceed $2,500 for printing and binding; purchase of periodicals, directories, and books of reference; purchase and operation of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehi- cles; traveling expenses of employees; rent of office and storage space; telegraph and telephone tolls; and all other necessary expenses not specifically authorized herein, $175,000; in all, $1,936,500, to be imme- Proosos. diately available, and to remain available until June 30, 1941: Pro- aTorunsferisttionf t ided,That not to exceed 10 per centum of the amount of any specific authorization may be transferred, in the discretion of the Commis- sioner of Indian Affairs, to the amount of any other specific authoriza- tion, but no limitation shall be increased more than 10 per centum by nexpended balan- any such transfer: Provided further, That the unexpended balances able. O f appropriations made available under this head in the Interior 1 1 0tat.590;52 Sta. Department Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1938, and in the Second Deficiency Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1938, shall continue avail- able for the same purposes until June 30, 1940. 712 [53 STAT.