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INDEX Army-Continued. Panama Canal Zone, construction work, contracts authorized on cost-plus- a-fixed-fee basis----------------- Detail of officer as executive repre- sentative of contracting officer__ Fee limitation-------------------- Negotiations--------------------- Outside corporations, employment authorized------------------- Performance bond, waiver -------- Peacetime commissioned strength; an- nual increments; assignments --- Probationary appointments of offi- cers------------------------- Marriage as cause for revocation of commission ---------------- Reserve officers- Active duty, selection and commis- sioning of officers now on------ Annual call to active duty; number, grades, etc------------------- Civilian Conservation Corps, pay- ments made for hospital and medical expenses incident to injury, etc., incurred while on leave while on duty with, rati- fied------------------------- Service with, not deemed active military duty-------------- Selections annually for commissions in Regular Army over 10-year period---------------------- Groups from which selections made- Retired personnel, holding of civil office or appointment in Territories per- mitted----------------------- Twelfth Olympic Games, participation authorized-- ------------------ Veterans. See separate title. Warrant officers- Mine Planter Service, adjustment of relative rank --------------- Service as Reserve officer or discharge to accept commission in Army, status upon expiration of com- missioned service------------- Army and Navy Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark., appropriation for maintenance- Army and Navy Munitions Board, deter- mination of strategic and critical ma- terials; quality and quantity to be purchased---------------------- Army Medical Museum, appropriation for--.--------

Army War College, appropriation for---- Arrow Rock, Mo., time extended for bridg- ing Missouri River at------------- Ash, N. C ., bridge authorized across Wac- camaw River at------------------ Page 1239 1240 1240 1239 1240 1240 558 1074 1075 559 557 579 1079 557 557 1143 572 1044 1001 607 811 594 595 1207 623 --- w Astoria, Oreg., time extended for bridging Columbia River at----------------- Astronomical Union, International, appro- priation for contribution ---------- Astrophysical Observatory, appropriation for maintenance------------------ Atlanta, Ga., appropriation for peniten- tiary at-------------------------- Atlantic City, N. J., acquisition of site for Coast Guard servicing base author- Page 1206 892 539 635 ized---------------------------- 1130 Atlantic Ocean, appropriation for coastal surveys----------------------- 915,1312 Atlantic Refining Co., right-of-way across Fort Mifflin Military Reservation, Pa., granted to, for pipe line-------- 1300 Attorney General. See Justice, Depart- ment of. Audited Claims, appropriation for pay- ment-------------------- 517,646,1330 Auglaize River, Ohio, examination for flood-control purposes authorized---- 1416 Automobiles, accessories, tires, etc., refund or abatement of tax on articles in hands of dealers on Aug. 1, 1941 --- 862 Expiration date of tax on, extended --- 862 Auxiliary Vessels, Navy: Acquisition and conversion or construc- tion of certain, authorized-------- 618 Certain cost provisions deleted; limi- tation on total cost not to be ex- ceeded--------- ------------ 619 Sums available-------------------- 619 Aviation. See Civil Aeronautics Au- thority; Civilian Pilot Training Act of 1939; Naval Aviation Reserve Act of 1939. Aviation Day, National, designation of; issuance of proclamation authorized-- 739 B Bacon, Robert L., payment to widow of-- 513 Bailiffs, U. S. Courts, appropriation for salaries, ec- ------------------ 636, 905 Baltimore, Md.: Appropriation for hydrographic office expenses----------------------- 781 Fort Armistead Military Reservation, certain reversionary provisions of deed made inapplicable in lease of portion to United States -------- 685 Banana River, Fla., construction of naval aviation facilities, appropriation au- thorized---------------

590 Appropriation for ---------------- 773 Bang's Disease, appropriation for eradica- tion------------------------ -- 949 Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act. See Farm Tenant Act. ---