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sonnel provided for in the appropriation "General expenses, Coast Guard", $4,896,440 ("A" item); Additional air- Additional airplanes: For additional airplanes and their equip- planes . ment, including radio equipment, spare parts, and accessories, to be constructed or purchased in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, $500,000 ("B" item), to remain available until June 30, 1942; Specialprojects, etc. Special projects, vessels, and aids to navigation: For constructing or purchasing and equipping lighthouse tenders and light vessels for Aids to navigation, the Coast Guard, not to exceed $600,000; and for establishing and improving aids to navigation and other works, not to exceed $500,000, of which $8,000 shall be available for establishing buoys and lights on the American side of the international waters of Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake; in all, $1,100,000 ("A" item), which sum shall be available for all expenditures directly relating to the respec- tive projects; RetiredLmembersof Retired pay, former Lighthouse Service, Coast Guard: For retired Service,etc. pay of certain officers and employees entitled thereto by virtue of former employment in the Lighthouse Service engaged in the field service or on vessels of the Coast Guard, except persons continuously employed in district offices and shops, $885,000 ("A" item); Avtion shioresta- No part of the appropriaionons contained in this Act under the Coast Guard, nor of any appropriation heretofore made, shall be used for the construction for the Coast Guard of any new permanent aviation shore station or for the permanent enlargement of the capac- Exceptions. ity of any existing aviation shore station, but this limitation shall not apply to expenditures for completion of construction for which 52Stat.a51. funds were made available by the Second Deficiency Appropriation Post, p. . Act, fiscal year 1938, or by the First Deficiency Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1940; viian by military Wherever during the fiscal year 1941, civilian employees of the personnel. Coast Guard are replaced by military personnel, as provided in the 53Sta. Cupp. , Act of August 5, 1939 (Public, Numbered 291, Seventy-sixth Con- t. u. gress), funds for the pay and allowances of such military personnel may be transferred, with the approval of the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, from the appropriation or appropriations which pro- . 4np.P64. vide for the pay of such civilian personnel to the appropriation "Pay and Allowances Coast Guard"; Total, Coast Guard, exclusive of Office of Commandant, $40,845,775 (composed of "A" item, $36,616,440, and "B" item, $4,229,335): Aviaton expendi- Provided, That not more than a total of $2,422,498 (composed of ture. "A" item, $2,328,098, and "B" item, $94,400) out of the appropria- tions contained in this Act under the caption "Coast Guard" except the appropriations "Salaries, Office of Commandant" and "Addi- tional airplanes" may be expended for aviation. Designations de- When used herein under the heading "Coast Guard", the words in parentheses ("A" item) and ("B" item) shall mean, respectively, "amounts for or relating to regular activities" and "amounts for or relating to activities pursuant to Executive Order Numbered Accounting. 8254, dated September 18, 1939"; but such designations when combined for an appropriation or an amount limitation shall not be deemed to require separate administrative or fund accounting for each designation. BUBEAU OF ENGRAVING AND PRINTING Work authorized. For the work of engraving and printing, exclusive of repay work, during the fiscal year 1941, United States currency and internal- revenue stamps, including opium orders and special-tax stamps 66 PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 71-MAR . 25, 1940 [54 STAT.