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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 760, 761-OCT. 8 , 1940 Amendment of rec- ords. Liability for janitor service. Ante, p. 73. October 8, 1940 i[. R . 8124] [Public, No. 804] Minnesota. Appropriation au- thorized for cooperat- ing with designated school districts. Proisos. Availability of schools to Indian chil- dren. Plans and specifica- tions. shall properly protect all windows and doors in the workroom by iron bars or wire gratings according to requirements. The Lessor shall furnish approved heating and lighting fixtures, plumbing and toilet facilities as now installed, the necessary water and electric meters; satisfactory heat, light, power, water, and janitor service, to the extent of caring for the heating plant and the cleaning of win- dows when required, but all other work requiring the services of a janitor to be assumed and provided by the Lessee. The Lessor shall keep the said heating and lighting fixtures, plumbing and toilet facilities, in satisfactory repair and condition during the term of this lease." SEC. 2 . The Post Office Department, the General Accounting Office, and all concerned shall amend their records accordingly, dis- charging the Lessor from any alleged liability for janitor service other than as undertaken in the lease as herein re-formed and making proper allowances to the postmaster at Portland, Oregon, for expen- ditures made by him in supplying those janitory services not imposed by the re-formed lease upon the Lessor. So much of the amount here- tofore expended by the postmaster for janitor services not covered by the re-formed lease, as may not be charged to the appropriation for the fiscal years affected, because of lapse of appropriation, or otherwise, may be charged to the current appropriation "For miscel- laneous items necessary and incidental to the operation and protection of post offices of the first and second classes, and the business con- ducted in connection therewith, not provided for in other appropri- ations". Hereafter, obligations arising against the United States for janitor services pursuant to the re-formed lease shall be charged to the aforesaid appropriation for the appropriate fiscal year. Approved, October 8, 1940. [CHAPTER 761] AN ACT To provide funds for cooperation with public-school districts (organized and unorganized) in Mahnomen, Itasca, Pine, Saint Louis, Clearwater, Koochiching, and Becker Counties, Minnesota, in the construction, improvement, and exten- sion of school facilities to be available to both Indian and white children. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated: the sum of $120,500 for the purpose of cooperating with the following public-school districts (both organized and unorganized) in the State of Minnesota, such appropriation to be apportioned as follows: Naytahwaush, Independent School District Numbered 29, Mahnomen County, $19,000; Inger, District Numbered 6 (Deer River), Itasca County, $7,000; Lake Lena, District Numbered , Pine County, $12,500; Vermillion Lake, Tower-Soudan District, Saint Louis County, $7,000; Beaulieu, unorganized district, Mah- nomen County, $12,500; Jack Pine, unorganized district, Clearwater County, $7,000; Nett Lake, unorganized district, Saint Louis-Koochi- ching Counties, $37,500; Pine Point, unorganized district, Becker County, $3,000; Squaw Point, unorganized district, Cass County, $15,000; for the construction, extension, equipment, and improvement of public-school facilities: Provided, That the expenditure of any money so authorized shall be subject to the express conditions that the schools maintained by these said districts in any buildings con- structed or improved with such money shall be available to all Indian children of the districts, on the same terms, except as to payment of tuition as other children of said school districts: Provided further, That plans and specifications for construction, extension, or improve- 1020 [54 STAT.