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54STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 780-OCT. 9 , 1940 FEDERAL SECURITY AGENCY CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS The Federal Security Agency Appropriation Act, 1941, is amended by striking out "$176,880,000" under the heading "Civilian Conservation Corps' and inserting in lieu thereof "$166,880,000": Provided, That upon the written recommendation of the Federal Security Administrator and with the approval of the President, the limitations upon the amount of expenditures under the several classes of objects of expenditure as fixed by the third proviso under such heading in such Act may be exceeded by more than the 10 per centum permitted therein. Such Act is further amended by adding after the last sentence under such heading the following: "Notwithstanding the limitation herein on expenditures by the Office of the Director within the District of Columbia, the Director, Civilian Conservation Corps, in administering the funds herein appropriated is authorized, with the approval of the Federal Security Administrator, to fix the amount of and to transfer to the Office of the Director the funds necessary to carry out the functions trans- ferred with the approval of the Federal Security Administrator from cooperating agencies to the Office of the Director." PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE Ante, p. 581. Civiian Conserva- tion Corps. Proriso. Limitation on ex- penditures. Transfer of funds. Miscellaneous and contingent expenses: Not to exceed $10,000 of cMisellaneot the amount appropriated for "Pay of Personnel and Maintenance A nte , p.585 . of Hospitals, Public Health Service, 1941" in the Federal Security Agency Appropriation Act, 1941, may be transferred to the appro- priation "Miscellaneous and Contingent Expenses, Public Health Ante, p. 4. Service, 1941." Pay, and so forth, commissioned officers, Public Health Service: Comtmissone For an additional amount for pay, allowance and commutation of Ante, p .584. quarters for not to exceed twenty additional regular active com- missioned officers, $47,340. Section 702 of the Labor-Federal Security Appropriation Act, Ate., p. 57. 1941, approved June 26, 1940 (Public Act Numbered 665, Seventy- sixth Congress), is hereby amended by inserting after the word "Corps", in the second proviso thereof, the words: "or the Public Health Service". OFFICE OF EDUCATION Education and training of defense workers: For payment to States, Defense wo' subdivisions thereof, or other public authorities operating public edu- training. cational facilities, and where hereinafter authorized to engineering Ae p.- 32. schools and universities, through certification from time to time made by the United States Commissioner of Education (hereinafter referred to as the "Commissioner") to the Secretary of the Treasury of the name of such agency or the name of such engineering school or uni- versity and the officer thereof to whom payment is to be made, and the amount to be paid, such payment to be made prior to audit and settlement by the General Accounting Office, for the furtherance of the education and training of defense workers, as follows: (1) For the cost of vocational courses of less than college grade, Vocational provided by such agencies in vocational schools pursuant to plans sub- rade than mitted by such agencies and approved by the Commissioner, which plans shall include courses supplementary to employment in occupa- tions essential to the national defense and pre-employment refresher courses for workers preparing for such occupations selected from the public employment office registers, $26,000,000. is and penses. id offi- ters. n and courses college 1033