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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 780-OCT. 9 , 1940 For compensation to postmasters, $119. For contract air mail service, $857.12. For furniture, carpets, and safes for public buildings, $2.44. For furniture, carpets, and safes for public buildings, Post Office Department, 44 cents. For indemnities, domestic mail, $75.50. For miscellaneous items, first and second class post offices, $80.97. For operating force for public buildings, Post Office Department, $45. For rural delivery service, $79.35. For special delivery fees, $2.25. For transportation of equipment and supplies, $18.85. For vehicle service, $2,239.20. Total. Total, audited claims, section 204 (b), $195,242.34, together with such additional sum due to increases in rates of exchange as may be necessary to pay claims in the foreign currency and interest as specified in certain of the settlements of the General Accounting Office. Paymnt o claims. SEC. 205. For the payment of claims allowed by the General Ane, . Accounting Office pursuant to Public Act Numbered 505 of the 2Stat. Seventy-sixth Congress, approved May 2, 1940, which have been cer- tified to Congress under section 2 of the Act of July 7, 1884 (U. S . C., title 5, sec. 266), in Senate Document Numbered 279, and House udents against Document Numbered 903, Seventy-sixth Congress, $582,494.01. collectors of customs. SEC. 206. Judgments against collectors of customs: For the pay- ment of claims allowed by the General Accounting Office covering judgments rendered by the United States District Court, Western District of Washington, Northern Division, and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, against col- lectors of customs, where a certificate of probable cause has been issued as provided for under section 989, Revised Statutes (28 U. S . C . 842), and certified to the Seventy-sixth Congress in Senate Document Numbered 276, and House Document Numbered 909, under the following departments: Department of Labor, $529.51; Department of Justice, $1,165; In all, $1,694.51. Payment of claim. SEC. 207. For the payment of claim allowed by the General Account- 30 Stat. 784; 31 Stat. 20 o ing Office pursuant to the Acts of January 12, 1899, and May 26, 48 sat 2 1900, which has been certified to Congress under the Permanent Appropriations Repeal Act, approved June 26, 1934 (31 U. S . C. 725b), in Senate Document Numbered 277, Seventy-sixth Congress, $26. Architect of the SEC. 208. (a) The Architect of the Capitol is hereby authorized and directed to carry into effect for the House of Representatives, and to exercise the authorities contained in, the Resolution of the House of Representatives numbered 590, adopted September 5, 1940, and any other resolution of such House amendatory thereof or supple- mentary thereto hereafter adopted. Such authority and direction shall continue until the House of Representatives shall by resolution otherwise order. House Restaurant. (b) There is hereby established with the Treasurer of the United Special deposit ac- count. States a special deposit account in the name of the Architect of the Capitol for the House of Representatives Restaurant, into which shall be deposited all sums received pursuant to such resolution or resolutions and from the operations thereunder and from which shall be disbursed the sums necessary in connection with the exercise of the duties required under such resolution or resolutions and the operations thereunder. Any appropriation hereafter made from the Treasury of the United States for such restaurant shall be a part of the appropriation "Contingent Expenses, House of Representa- [54 STAT.