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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 792-OCT. 9 , 1940 1063 [CHAPTER 792] ANACT October 9, 1940 To provide for the regulation of the business of fire, marine, and casualty insurance, [H. R. 9722] and for other purposes. [Public, No. 824] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the UnitedStates of Americain Congressassembled, CHAPTER I-TITLE AND DEFINITIONS SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE AND TABLE OF CONTENTS. -This Act shall be bistic t of Colum- known as the "Fire and Casualty Act". Fire and Casualty Act. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER I Sec. 1 . Short title and table of contents. Sec. 2 . Application. Sec. 3 . Definitions. CHAPTER II Sec. 1 . Records of Insurance Department; power to make rules. Sec. 2 . Certificate of authority. Sec. 3 . Revocation and suspension of certificate of authority. Sec. 4 . When company has ceased business. Sec. 5 . Receivership proceedings. Sec. 6 . When company to be deemed insolvent. Sec. 7 . When capital or surplus of company deemed impaired. Sec. & Annual statement. Sec. 9. Penalty for false statement. Sec. 10 . Examinations. Sec. 11. Classification of Insurance. (1) Fire and marine. (2) Casualty. Sec. 12. Limitation of risk. Sec. 13. Minimum capital and surplus requirement Sec. 14. Corporations heretofore formed. Sec. 15 . Domestic companies. Sec. 16 . Domestic company real-estate holdings. Sec. 17. Mutual company's surplus fund-Power to borrow. Sec. 18. Investment of funds of domestic companies. Sec. 19. Exclusive agency contracts. Sec. 20. Foreign or alien companies. Sec. 20A. Lloyd's organizations. Sec. 21. Application for certificate of authority. Sec. 22. Delivery to superintendent of application and documents. Sec. 23. Service of process. (a) Service of process upon unauthorized company. (b) Attorney for services of process. Sec. 24. Mutual and reciprocal names. Sec. 25. Maximum and contingent premiums of mutual companies. Sec. 26. Reserves. Sec. 27. Policy forms filed with the superintendent. Sec. 28. Provisions in accident and health policies. Sec. 29. Discriminations prohibited. Sec. 30. Agents and brokers-Requirements for license, and so forth. Sec. 31 . Payment of commissions restricted to licensed persons. Sec. 32. procedure for obtaining licenses. Sec. 33. Effective dates of licenses and proration of fees. Sec. 34. Temporary transfer of licenses.