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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CHS. 836 , 837-OCT. 10, 1940 materials, or any portion thereof, to a person or a corporation of the United States whenever he shall determine such action to be in the public interest. Any moneys received by the United States as the proceeds of any such sale or other disposition of any such articles or materials or any portion thereof shall be deposited to the credit of that appropriation out of which was paid the cost to the Government of the property thus sold or disposed of, and the same shall immedi- ately become available for the purposes named in the original appro- priation: Provided,however, That nothing in this section shall modify or repeal section 14 of Public Law Numbered 671, 76th Congress, approved June 28, 1940. SEC. 2. Whenever the President shall requisition and take over any article or material pursuant to the provisions of this Act, the owner thereof shall be paid as compensation therefor such sum as the Presi- dent shall determine to be fair and just. If any such owner is unwill- ing to accept, as full and complete compensation for such article or material, the sum so determined by the President, such owner shall be paid 50 per centum of the sum so determined by the President and shall be entitled to sue the United States for such additional sum as, when added to the sum already received by such owner, such owner may consider fair and just compensation for such article or material, in the manner provided by sections 41 (20) and 250, title 28, of the Code of Laws of the United States of America: Provided,That recov- ery shall be confined to the fair market value of such article or mate- rial, without any allowance for prospective profits, punitive or other damages. SEC. 3 . The authority granted in this Act shall terminate June 30, 1942, unless the Congress shall otherwise provide. Approved, October 10, 1940. [CHAPTER 837] AN ACT 1091 Use of proceeds of sales. Proviso. Ante, p . 681. Payment for proper- ty taken. Settlement of dif- ferences. 28U. S .C . §§41 (20), 250. Proviso. Limitation. Termination of au- thority. October 10, 1940 To amend the Act entitled "An Act to provide better facilities for the enforcement [s. 3778] of the customs and immigration laws", approved June 26, 1930. [Public. No. 830] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Act Cmstomsa entitled "An Act to provide better facilities for the enforcement of the customs and immigration laws", approved June 26, 1930 (U. S. C., Stat. 817. 1934 edition, title 19, sec. 68), is hereby amended to read as follows: "That to aid in the enforcement of the customs and immigration mentalon,. laws along the Canadian and Mexican borders and to provide better and Mexican i facilities for such enforcement at points along such borders at which no Federal or other buildings adapted or suitably located for the purpose are available, the Secretary of the Treasury and the Attor- ney General are hereby authorized to expend, from the funds appro- priated for the general maintenance and operation of the Customs and the Immigration and Naturalization Services, respectively, the necessary amounts for the acquisition of land and the erection of menLt 8and in buildings, sheds, and office quarters, including living quarters for officers where none are otherwise available: Provided, That the total Postlitat amount which may be so expended for any one project, for the use any one project of one department, including the cost of the site, shall not exceed $5,000, and that where quarters are so erected or facilities so pro- vided for the joint use of the Customs and the Immigration and Naturalization Services the combined cost charged to the two appro- priations concerned shall not exceed $10,000 for any one project, including the site. nd Im- 8. enforce- inadian borders. prove- ion for