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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 861-OCT. 14, 1940 Utilization of ser- "SEC. 2. In connection with the investigation, construction, or ices, etc., of other agencies. operation and maintenance of a project, pursuant to the authority of this Act, the Secretary is authorized to utilize (1) in such manner as the President may direct, services, labor, materials, or other prop- erty, including money, supplied by the Work Projects Administra- tion, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Office of Indian Affairs, the Department of Agriculture, or any other Federal agency, for which the United States shall be reimbursed in such amounts as the President may fix for each project, within the limits of the water users' ability to repay costs as found by the Secretary under sub- section 3 (a) (iv); and (2) such services, labor, materials, ease- ments or property, including money, as may be contributed by any State or political subdivision thereof, State agency, municipal cor- poration, or other organization, or individuals, if, in the judg- ment of the Secretary, the acceptance thereof will not impair the title of the United States to the project works and will not reduce the probability that the project water users can meet the obligations Use of moneys re- to the United States entered into pursuant to this Act. Moneys received and accepted under (2) of this section shall be and remain available for expenditure for the purposes for which contributed in like manner as if said sums had been specifically appropriated for said purposes. Investigations. "SEC. 3 . (a) No construction of a project may be undertaken pur- suant to the authority of this Act unless and until the Secretary has made an investigation thereof and has submitted to the President his Reports and find- report and findings on- (i) the engineering feasibility of the proposed construction; "(ii) the estimated cost of the proposed construction; "(iii) the part of the estimated cost which properly can be allocated to irrigation; "(iv) the part of the estimated cost which probably can be repaid by the water users in accordance with the requirements of section 4; "(v) the part of the estimated cost which can properly be allocated to municipal or miscellaneous water supplies or power and probably be returned to the United States in revenues there- from; "(vi) the part of the estimated cost which can properly be allocated to the irrigation of Indian trust and tribal lands, and be repayable in accordance with existing law relating to Indian lands; "(vii) the part of the estimated cost which can properly be allocated to flood control as recommended by the Chief of Engi- neers, War Department. DParticipation byA In connection with each such investigation, report, and finding, the Sec- Department of Agri- culture. retary shall consult with the Secretary of Agriculture regarding par- ticipation in the proposed project by the Department of Agriculture under the authority of sections 5 and 6; and the Secretary shall also transmit to the President a report by the Secretary of Agriculture to the President on the participation, if any, proposed by the Department of deeWn pruthied.t Agriculture. The project shall be deemed authorized and may be undertaken pursuant to this Act if (1) the Secretary finds and certifies Findings. to the President that the project has engineering feasibility and that the water users probably can repay, in accordance with the require- ments of section 4, an amount equal to or in excess of that part of the estimated cost allocated by him to irrigation to be met by expenditure of moneys appropriated pursuant to section 12 (1) ; and (2) the Presi- vailabroety osert. dent has approved said report and findings and has found that services, labor, materials, easements, and other property, including money, for [54 STAT.