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[54 STAT. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 876 -OCT. 14 , 1940 (9) Reasonable fees, with the approval of the Attorney General, in cases where such fees have not been established by law, to cover the cost of furnishing, to other than officials or agencies of the Federal Gov- ernment, copies, whether certified or uncertified, of any part of the records, or information from the records, of the Service. Such fees shall not exceed a maximum of 25 cents per folio, with a minimum fee of 50 cents for any one such service, in addition to a fee of $1 for any official certification furnished under seal. Accounting. (c) The clerk of any naturalization court specified in subsection (a) Antp. of section 301 (except the courts specified in subsection (d) of this section), shall account for and pay over to the Commissioner one-half of all fees up to the sum of $6,000, and all fees in excess of $6,000, collected by any such clerk in naturalization proceedings in any fiscal year. (d) The clerk of any United States district court (except in Alaska) and the clerk of the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia shall account for and pay over to the Commissioner all fees collected by any such clerks in naturalization proceedings. (e) The accounting required by subsections (c) and (d) of this section shall be made and the fees paid over to the Commissioner by such respective clerks in their quarterly accounts which they are hereby required to render to the Commissioner within thirty days from the close of each quarter of each and every fiscal year, in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Commissioner. eiPayof ea ditiona (f) The clerks of the various naturalization courts shall pay all additional clerical force that may be required in performing the duties imposed by this Act upon clerks of courts from fees retained under the provisions of this section by such clerks in naturalization proceedings. Deposit ofees. (g) All fees collected by the Commissioner and all fees paid over to the Commissioner by clerks of naturalization courts under the provi- sions of this Act, shall be deposited by the Commissioner in the Treasury of the United States. sel' fees; exeition- (h) In all naturalization proceedings in which an alien applying for a certificate of naturalization or of citizenship is represented by counsel, there is hereby established a limit of $25 for counsel's fees, except where legal action before a court requires extended legal service when the court may approve a reasonable fee in excess of $25. tion me e st . (i) During the time when the United States is at war no clerk of a United States court shall charge or collect a naturalization fee from an alien in the military or naval service of the United States for filing a petition for naturalization or issuing a certificate of naturalization upon admission to citizenship, and no clerk of any State court shall charge or collect any fee for such services unless the laws of the State require such charge to be made, in which case nothing more than the portion of the fee required to be paid to the State siReort to Co m mis- shall be charged or collected. A report of all transactions under this subsection shall be made to the Commissioner as in the case of other reports required of clerks of courts by this Act. Additionalfees etc. (j) In addition to the other fees required by this Act, the peti- tioner for naturalization shall, upon the filing of a petition for naturalization, deposit with and pay to the clerk of the naturaliza- tion court a sum of money sufficient to cover the expenses of sub- penaing and paying the legal fees of any witnesses for whom such petitioner may request a subpena, and upon the final discharge of such witnesses, they shall receive, if they demand the same from the clerk, the customary and usual witness fees from the moneys which the petitioner shall have paid to such clerk for such purpose, and the residue, if any, shall be returned by the clerk to the petitioner. 1162