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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 908-OCT. 22 , 1940 submitted in open competition. The manner of holding such compe- tition and the amount to be paid for such plans and designs shall be determined by the Architect of the Capitol, with the approval of Funds made avail the committee. Expenditures made for carrying out the provisions of this section shall be made from moneys appropriated from the Holmes fund. nDedicatory remo (C) The committee is authorized to make arrangements for appro- priate ceremonies for the dedication of such garden upon its com- pletion. aintenane and SEC. 6. After the completion and dedication of such garden, it shall be maintained and cared for by the Architect of the Capitol in accord- ance with the provisions of law applicable with respect to the main- tenance and care of the grounds of the United States Supreme Court Building. of Arch nd duties SEC. 7. (a) For the purposes of this joint resolution, the Architect of the Capitol is authorized, under the direction of the committee- struition, etc., of (1) To provide for the demolition and removal of any structures on the land acquired pursuant to section 4 and for the sale or other dis- position of any materials of which they are constructed. Temprary lease of (2) Pending the demolition of such structures, to lease any of the property so acquired for such periods and under such terms and con- ditions as he may deem most advantageous to the United States; to provide, out of such appropriations as may be made for such pur- pose, for the maintenance, repair, and protection of such property; and to incur such expenses as may be necessarily incident to the Disposition of pro- jurisdiction and control over such property. Any proceeds received under this paragraph or paragraph (1) shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. The Architect of the Capitol shall include in his annual report a detailed statement of his activi- ties under this paragraph during the period covered by such report. power designated (3) To enter into contracts; to purchase materials, supplies, equip- ment, and accessories in the open market; to employ necessary per- sonnel, including professional services, without regard to other laws relating to the employment or compensation of personnel; and to make such expenditures as may be necessary or appropriate. Traonserflrand'c (b) All lands within the area determined pursuant to section 4 which are subject to the jurisdiction of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia are transferred to the jurisdiction of the Archi- tect of the Capitol. The Architect of the Capitol is authorized to close any alley within such area and is authorized, with the approval of the committee, to permit any portion of the land acquired pursuant to section 4 to be used as an alley so long as such use is necessary. Disbursingagenc. () All funds expended by the Architect of the Capitol pursuant to this joint resolution shall be disbursed by the Division of Dis- bursement of the Treasury Department. land, etc., authorized SEC. 8 . (a) The Commissioner of Public Buildings, in the Federal Works Agency, is authorized and directed, on behalf of the United States, to sell and convey title to the land and improvements thereon known as 1720 Eye Street Northwest, in the District of Columbia, the former residence of Justice Holmes. Such sale may be made pur- suant to advertisement or otherwise upon such terms and conditions, and subject to such covenants with respect to demolition of the build- ing and such other restrictive covenants, as may be approved by the Provision for dem- committee. The Commissioner of Public Buildings is authorized to provide, by contract or otherwise and subject to the approval of the committee, for the demolition of the building upon such land prior to the sale of the land. Payment ofcost. (b) The costs of any advertisement, appraisal, broker's fee, or com- mission incident to the sale of such property, and any costs 1208 [54 STAT.