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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Act Res. 633 ----- Alaska and Hawaii, wage rates. AN ACT To require the payment of prevailing rates of wages on Federal public works in Alaska and Hawaii --------- ___..__--______- 634 ----- Marine Corps, warrant officers. AN ACT To regulate the number of warrant and commissioned warrant officers in the Marine Corps------------------------ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ 635 ----- Naval aircraft, etc. AN ACT To authorize the construction or acquisition of naval aircraft, the construction of certain public works, and for other purposes ------------------ 85 Prison-made goods. JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing the Bureau of Labor Statistics to collect information as to amount and value of all goods produced in State and Federal Prisons --------------------. 636 ----- Reclamation projects. AN ACT To extend the time limit for cooperation between the Bureau of Reclamation and the Farm Security Administration in the development of farm units on public lands under Federal reclamation projects-- 637 ----- Sequoia National Forest,Calif. AN ACT To facilitate the con- trol of soil erosion and/or flood damage originating upon lands within the exterior of boundaries of the Sequoia National Forest, California -------------------- _ _ _ _ __ - 638 ----- Forest Exchange Act, provisions extended. AN ACT To extend the provisions of the Forest Exchange Act, as amended, to certain lands, so that they may become parts of the Whit- man, Malheur, or Umatilla National Forests------------- 639 ----- Pierre, S. Dak. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the city of Pierre, South Dakota, to con- struct, equip, maintain, and operate on Farm Island, South Dakota, certain amusement and recreational facilities; to charge for the use thereof; and for other purposes", ap- proved August 16, 1937----------------- 640 ----- Interior Department Appropriation Act, 1941. AN ACT Making appropriations for the Department of the Interior for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, and for other purposes --------------------------- ____ - ___- ---- 641 ----- Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1941. AN ACT Mak- ing appropriations for the Legislative Branch of the Govern- ment for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, and for other purposes------------------------------------- 642 ----- Cooperativeassociations, D. C. AN ACT To amend the Code of the District of Columbia to provide for the organization and regulation of cooperative associations, and for other pur- poses --------------------------------------------- 643 ----- Condemned ordnance. AN ACT To amend an Act to author- ize the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy to make certain disposition of condemned ordnance, guns, pro- jectiles, and other condemned material in their respective Departments---------------------------- 86 University of Pennsylvania bicentennial. JOINT RESOLU- TION Authorizing the recognition of the two-hundredth anniversary of the founding of the University of Pennsyl- vania by Benjamin Franklin and the beginning of university education in the United States, and providing for the repre- sentation of the Government and people of the United States in the observance of the anniversary -------- .- - - - - - - - -- 644 ----- Navy Department reorganization. AN ACT Providing for the reorganization of the Navy Department, and for other pur- poses __--------- --------------------------- ---------- 645 ----- Payments to Colombia and Panama, etc. AN ACT To amend the Act approved May 24, 1938, entitled "An Act for the relief of the Comision Mixta Demarcadora de Limites Entre Colombia y Panama" and for the relief of Jose Antonio Sossa D------------------------------------------- 646 ----- Army disbursing officers. AN ACT For the relief of certain disbursing officers of the Army of the United States and for the settlement of individual claims approved by the War Department---------------------------------------- 647 ----- Alteration of certain bridges. AN ACT To provide for the alter- ation of certain bridges over navigable waters of the United States, for the apportionment of the cost of such alterations between the United States and the owners of such bridges, and for other purposes------------------------------- Date June 15, 1940_- June 15, 1940_ - - June 15, 1940__ June 17, 1940--- June 17, 1940-_ _ June 17, 1940___ June 17, 1940--- June 17, 1940-_ - June 18, 1940___ June 18, 1940___ June 19, 1940-_ - June 19,1940-- June 20, 1940__ - June 20,1940-- _ June 20,1940-- June 20,1940--- June 21,1940--- 497 xix Page 399 400 400 401 402 402 402 405 406 462 480 491 491 492 494 495