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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Oct. 9, 1940--- 1063 Oct. 9 , 1940_- - 1083 824 ---- Fireand Casualty Act, D. C. AN ACT To provide for the regu- lation of the business of fire, marine, and casualty insurance, and for other purposes--------------------- --- 825 --- Title to lands acquired by U. S. AN ACT To amend section 355 of the Revised Statutes, as amended, to authorize the Attorney General to approve the title to low-value lands and interests in lands acquired by or on behalf of the United States subject to infirmities, and for other purposes ..--- --- 826 ----- Grand Coulee Dam project,fish hatcheries. AN ACT To author- ize the maintenance and operation of fish hatcheries in con- nection with the Grand Coulee Dam project------------ 827 ---- Bridge, Wabash River. AN ACT Authorizing the Indiana State Toll Bridge Commission to construct, maintain, and operate a toll bridge across the Wabash River at or near Mount Vernon, Posey County, Indiana ----------------- 828 ----- Checks to addresses abroad. AN ACT To restrict or regulate the delivery of checks drawn against funds of the United States, or any agency or instrumentality thereof, to ad- dresses outside the United States, its Territories, and posses- sions, and for other purposes --------------- 102 Railroad Retirement Board, data. JOINT RESOLUTION Providing for the acquisition by the Railroad Retirement Board of data needed in carrying out the provisions of the Railroad Retirement Acts -------

103 Inaugural admission tickets. JOINT RESOLUTION To exempt from the tax on admissions amounts paid for ad- mission tickets sold by authority of the Committee on In- augural Ceremonies on the occasion of the inauguration of the President-elect in January 1941-------------------- 829 --- National defense, requisition of certain articles. AN ACT To authorize the President to requisition certain articles and materials for the use of the United States, and for other purposes----------------------------- 830 ----- Customs and immigration laws, enforcement. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act to provide better facilities for the enforcement of the customs and immigration laws", approved June 26, 1930----------------------------- 831 ---- National Defense, eight-hour provision. AN ACT To ex- pedite national defense by suspending, during the national emergency, provisions of law that prohibit more than eight hours' labor in any one day of persons engaged upon work covered by contracts of the United States Maritime Com- mission, and for other purposes -

104 Sugarcane crop, payments. JOINT RESOLUTION Relating to the conditions for payment with respect to sugarcane harvested from certain plantings in the mainland cane-sugar area-_ --- ------- ------- ------ ----- 105 Pan American Aviation Day. JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing the participation of the United States in the celebration of a Pan American Aviation Day, to be observed on December 17, of each year, the anniversary of the first successful flight of a heavier-than-air machine ------------- 832 ----- Simplification of accounts. AN ACT To simplify the accounts of the Treasurer of the United States, and for other pur- poses------------------------------------------- 833 ----- Railroad Unemployment InsuranceAct, amendments. AN ACT To amend the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, approved June 25, 1938, as amended June 20, 1939, and for other purposes--------------

834 ----- U. S. Customs Court. AN ACT To transfer the essential lan- guage of section 518, title IV, of the Tariff Act of 1930, approved June 17, 1930, into the Judicial Code of the United States and to provide for its reenactment as part of said Judicial Code, to take effect from the date of its passage, including the allowance to the judges of the United States Customs Court for traveling expenses in- curred for maintenance while absent from New York on official business and to repeal all Acts inconsistent there- with to the extent of such inconsistency, and for other purposes --------------------------------------------- 835 ----- .. Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, Minn. AN ACT Au- thorizing a per capita payment of $10 each to the members of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians from any funds on deposit in the Treasury of the United States to their credit-- . . _-.....__ ____ _. 1085 Oct. 9, 1940--- 1085 Oct. 9,1940--- 1086 Oct. 9, 1940--- 1088 Oct. 9, 1940__ - Oct. 10 , 1940-- _ Oct. 10, 1940-- Oct. 10, 1940--_ Oct. 10 , 1940--- Oct. 10, 1940___ Oct. 10, 1940_- - Oct. 10,1940-_ - Oct. 10, 1940--- 1090 1090 1091 1092 1092 1093 1093 1094 1101 Oct. 10,1940--- 1103 XXX Act Res. Date Page Oct. 9, 1940__-