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Act Bes. 851---. Convict-made goods. AN ACT To make unlawful the trans- portation of convict-made goods in interstate commerce, and for other purposes ---------------------------- 852 ----- National Guard. AN ACT Relating to changes in the ad- ministration of the National Guard of the United States bearing on Federal recognition, pay, allotment of funds, drill, training, and so forth------------------------- 853 ---- Nationality Act of 1940. AN ACT To revise and codify the nationality laws of the United States into a comprehensive nationality code------------------------------------ 854 --- Navy, promotions. AN ACT To amend the Act of June 23, 1938 (52 Stat. 944) ------------------------------- 855 --- Administration of oaths. AN ACT To empower and author- ize special agents and such other employees of the Division of Investigations, Department of the Interior, as are desig- nated by the Secretary of the Interior for that purpose, to administer oaths in the performance of their official duties- 856 --- Alaska, aircraftmail. AN ACT Authorizing special arrange- ments in the transportation of mail within the Territory of Alaska ---------------------------------- -- -- 857 ---- Flood-control projects. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of War to accept, as loans, from States and political sub- divisions thereof, funds to be immediately used in the prosecution of authorized flood-control work, and for other purposes _------------------------- ---------- 858 --- Army Mine PlanterService. AN ACT To increase the author- ized numbers of warrant officers and enlisted men in the Army Mine Planter Service, and for other purposes------- 859 - - East Hartford, Conn., flood control. AN ACT To provide for the completion of certain local proteetion works at East Hartford, Connecticut

860 --- Sugar Act of 1937, amendment. AN ACT To extend, for an additional year, the provisions of the Sugar Act of 1937 and the taxes with respect to sugar----------- 861 ----- Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940. AN ACT To promote and strengthen the national defense by suspending enforcement of certain civil liabilities of certain persons serving in the Military and Naval Establishments, includ- ing the Coast Guard----------------------------- 862 --- Alaska, school lands. AN ACT To authorize the lease or sale of certain public lands in Alaska, and for other purposes - - 863 ---- Alaska, landsfor park, etc., purposes. AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to sell or lease for park or re- creational purposes, and to sell for cemetery purposes, cer- tain public lands in Alaska--------------------------- 864 ----- Disabled nurses of Army and Navy, retirement. AN ACT To amend the Act to provide for the retirement of disabled nurses of the Army and the Navy-------------------- 865 ----- Death Valley National Monument, Calif. AN ACT To au- thorize the exchange of certain patented lands in the Death Valley National Monument for Government lands in the monument------------------------

866 .. -- World War Veterans' Act, 1924, amendments. AN ACT To amend section 202 (3), Wokld War Veterans' Act, 1924, as amended, to provide more adequate and uniform admin- istrative provisions in veterans' laws, and for other pur- poses-

- 867 ---- _ Petersburg, Alaska, water supply. AN ACT For the protec- tion of the water supply of the town of Petersburg, Alaska- 868 ----- Rivers and harbors, improvements. AN ACT Authorizing the improvement of certain rivers and harbors in the interest of the national defense, and for other purposes ------- 869 ----- Merchant seamen. AN ACT To amend section 4551 of the Revised Statutes, as amended, and for other purposes ----- 870 .--- _ Registration of certain organizations. AN ACT To require the registration of certain organizations carrying on activi- ties within the United States, and for other purposes------ 871 --- D. C . Unemployment Compensation Act, amenament. AN ACT To amend further the District of Columbia Unem- ployment Compensation Act-------------------- - 872 -- _ Army quarters. AN ACT To provide for an extension of the conditions undbr which a money allowance for quarters may be paid to certain non-commissioned officers of the Army of the United States---- ._ --- -- --- -- --- -- - Date Oct. 14, 1940--- Oct. 14, 1940-- Oct. 14, 1940--- Oct. 14, 1940--- Oct. 14 ,1940--- Oct. 14, 1940--- 1175 Oct. 15, 1940-- Oct. 15, 1940__ - Oct. 15,1940__- Oct. 15 , 1940_ -- Oct. 17,1940--- Oct. 17,1940--- Oct. 17,1940-- Oct. 17,1940--- Oct. 17, 1940--- Oct. 17,1940_ - Oct. 17,1940--- Oct. 17,1940__ Oct. 17,1940--- Oct. 17,1940--- 1201 Oct. 17, 1940--- Page 1134 1134 1137 1174 1175 1176 1177 1177 1178 1178 1191 1192 1192 1193 1193 1197 1198 1200 1204 Oct. 17, 1940--- 1205 XXXii LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS