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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 333-JUNE 12, 1940 High School; Dennison Vocational School; Ketcham School; Mont- gomery School; Banneker Junior High School; $304,171, to be imme- diately available. Supplies to pupils. For textbooks and other educational books and supplies as author- v, 253-258 . ized by the Act of January 31, 1930 (46 Stat. 62), including not to exceed $7,000 for personal services, $193,000, to be immediately available. Kindergartens. For maintenance of kindergartens, $5,600, to be immediately available. Supplies for general For purchase of apparatus, fixtures specimens, technical books, science, etc., depart- chase of fixtures,itechnical ments. and for extending the equipment and for the maintenance of labora- tories of the department of physics, chemistry, biology, and general science in the several high and junior high schools, vocational schools, and teachers colleges, and for the installation of the same, $17,750, to be immediately available. utShsiltcgardens For utensils, materials, and labor, for establishment and mainte- nance of school gardens, and for use in teaching elementary science in connection therewith, $3,600. sRepaoi etcbu . to For repairs and improvements to school buildings and grounds, including maintenance of motortrucks, and not to exceed $975 for the replacement of one one and one-half ton truck, not to exceed $20,000 for replacement of boilers, not to exceed $12,000 for replace- arfield School, ment of the heating plant at the Garfield School, not to exceed $3,000 hetg plant for replacement of insanitary drinking fountains, not to exceed $7,000 for replacement of insanitary toilet facilities, and not to exceed Health School, al- $11,110 for alterations and improvements to the building and grounds teratons, etc. of the Health School located on Thirteenth Street near Allison Street, Northwest, and for the purchase and installation of equipment for such school, $466,585, of which amount $100,000 shall be immediately rovisos. available: Provided, That work performed for repairs and improve- ments under appropriations contained in this Act shall be by contract or otherwise, as may be determined by the Commissioners to be most oRepeais, etc.ipa to advantageous to the District of Columbia: Provided further, That other municipal build- ings; reimbursement. this appropriation shall be available for performing work of repairs and improvements to other municipal buildings, subject to reim- Report to Congress. bursement covering the cost of such work, and a report of expendi- tures for such repairs and improvements to other municipal buildings shall be submitted to Congress in the annual Budget. municipal play- For improvement of various municipal playgrounds and recreation grounds. centers, including erection of shelter houses, $25,000, of which not exceeding $1,000 shall be immediately available for the preparation of architectural and landscaping plans. Annuities. To carry out the purposes of the Act approved June 11, 1926, entitled "An Act to amend the Act entitled 'An Act for the retire- 44 Stat. 7 7. ment of public-school teachers in the District of Columbia', approved 7D.C.Code§§61- 79; upp. v, 7o,a. January 15, 1920, and for other purposes" (41 Stat. 387-390), $609,000. THE DEAF, DUMB , AND BLIND Maintenance and For maintenance and instruction of deaf and dumb persons admitted to the Columbia Institution for the Deaf from the District of Columbia, under section 4864 of the Revised Statutes, and as 7DsC.tcode 218. provided for in the Act approved March 1, 1901 (24 U. S . C. 238), and under a contract to be entered into with the said institution by the Commissioners, $36,500. Colored dea-mutes. For maintenance and instruction of colored deaf-mutes of teach- able age belonging to the District of Columbia, in Maryland, or some other State, under a contract to be entered into by the Com- [54 STAT.