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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 333-JUNE 12, 1940 Superintendence of Secretary of War not affected. Revenue, etc., branches. Operating expenses. Vehicles. Extension of distri- bution system. Meters. Hydrants. Replacement of old mains, etc. Investment of water funds. Refund of erroneous charges. Proviso. Availability. Water mains, con. struction. Pump, Anacostia station. Nothing herein shall be construed as affecting the superintendence and control of the Secretary of War over the Washington Aqueduct, its rights, appurtenances, and fixtures connected with the same and over appropriations and expenditures therefor as now provided by law. WATER DEPARTMENT For revenue and inspection and distribution branches: For personal services, $214,580. For the maintenance of the water-department distribution system, including pumping stations and machinery, water mains, valves, fire and public hydrants, and all buildings and accessories, and motortrucks, and motor vehicles such as are now owned and the replacement by purchase and exchange of the following motor-pro- pelled vehicles: Two trucks at not to exceed $650 each; one truck at not to exceed $800; two trucks at not to exceed $2,500 each and the purchase of one passenger-carrying automobile at not to exceed $650; purchase of fuel, oils, waste, and other materials, and the employment of all labor necessary for the proper execution of this work; and for contingent expenses including books, blanks, stationery, printing and binding not to exceed $3,300; postage, purchase of technical reference books and periodicals not to exceed $275, and other necessary items; in all for maintenance, $343,685, of which not exceed- ing $5,000 shall be available for operation of pumps at Bryant Street pumping station upon interruption of service from Dalecarlia pump- ing station. For extension of the water department distribution system, laying of such service mains as may be necessary under the assessment sys- tem, $260,000, of which amount $20,000 shall be immediately available. For installing and repairing water meters on services to private residences and business places as may not be required to install meters under existing regulations, as may be directed by the Commissioners; said meters at all times to remain the property of the District of Columbia, $115,000. For installing fire and public hydrants, $22,500. For replacement of old mains and divide valves in various loca- tions, on account of inadequate size and bad condition of pipe on account of age, and laying mains and replacing old service pipes in advance of pavements, $150,000. For investment by the Secretary of the Treasury in United States or District of Columbia securities for the account of the water fund of the District of Columbia, $500,000. For the refunding of water rents and other water charges errone- ously paid in the District of Columbia, to be refunded in the manner prescribed by law for the refunding of erroneously paid taxes, $3,500 Provided, That this appropriation shall be available for such refunds of payments made within the past two years. For the construction of approximately five thousand four hundred and fifty linear feet of twenty-four inch trunk line water main from the Anacostia pumping station to the Anacostia second high service storage tank at Stanton School, $80,000; for the construction of approximately thirteen thousand two hundred linear feet of twenty-, twenty-four- and thirty-six-inch trunk-line water main from Fourth Street and Florida Avenue, Northeast, to the vicinity of Kentucky Avenue and East Capitol Street, $250,000; in all, $330,000; to continue available until June 30, 1942. Pump, Anacostia station: For additional pumping equipment at the Anacostia pumping station, including necessary appurtenances and alterations m existing piping, $14,000. 340 [54 STAT.