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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 343-JUNE 13, 1940 military posts without pay or allowances, and for applicants for enlistment while held under observation; for equipment and repair of equipment of existing dry-cleaning plants, salvage and sorting storehouses, hat-repairing shops, shoe-repair shops, clothing-repair shops, and garbage-reduction works; for equipage, including author- ized issues of toilet articles, barbers' and tailors' material, for use of general prisoners confined at military posts without pay or allow- ances and applicants for enlistment while held under observation; issue of toilet kits to recruits upon their first enlistment; for expenses of packing and handling and similar necessaries; for a suit of citi- zen's outer clothing and when necessary an overcoat, the cost of all not to exceed $30, to be issued each soldier discharged otherwise than honorably, to each enlisted man convicted by civil court for an offense resulting in confinement in a penitentiary or other civil prison, and to each enlisted man ordered interned by reason of the fact that he is an alien enemy, or, for the same reason, discharged without intern- ment; for indemnity to officers and men of the Army for clothing and bedding, and so forth, destroyed since April 22, 1898, by order of medical officers of the Army for sanitary reasons, $75,004,376, of which amount not exceeding $60,000 shall be available immediately for the procurement and transportation of fuel for the service of the fiscal year 1941: Provided,That laundry charges, other than for serv- ice now rendered without charge, shall be so adjusted that earnings in conjunction with the value placed upon service rendered without charge shall aggregate an amount not less than $50,000 below the cost of maintaining and operating laundries and dry-cleaning plants. Incidental expenses of the Army: Postage; hire of laborers in the Quartermaster Corps, including the care of officers' mounts when the same are furnished by the Government; compensation of clerks and other employees of the Quartermaster Corps, including not to exceed $900 for any one person for allowances for living quarters, including heat, fuel, and light, as authorized by the Act of June 26, 1930 (5 U. S . C . 118a), and clerks, foremen, watchmen, and organist for the United States Disciplinary Barracks; incidental expenses of recruiting; not to exceed $5,000 for activities of chaplains (excluding ritual garments and personal services); for the operation of coffee- roasting plants; for the payment of entrance fees for Army rifle and pistol teams participating in competitions; for tests and experi- mental and development work and scientific research to be performed by the Bureau of Standards for the Quartermaster Corps; for inspec- tion service and instruction furnished by the Department of Agricul- ture which may be transferred in advance; for such additional expenditures as are necessary and authorized by law in the move- ments and operation of the Army and at military posts, and not expressly assigned to any other departments, $5,011,683. Army transportation: For transportation of Army supplies; of authorized baggage (including baggage of retired officers ordered to active duty or upon relief therefrom), including packing and crating; of horse equipment; and of funds for the Army; for transportation on Army vessels, notwithstanding the provisions of other law, of privately owned automobiles of Regular Army personnel upon change of station; for the purchase or construction, not to exceed $9,500,000, alteration, operation, and repair of boats and other vessels; for wharfage, tolls, and ferriage; for drayage and cartage; for the pur- chase, manufacture (including both material and labor), mainte- nance, hire, and repair of pack saddles and harness; for the purchase, hire, operation, maintenance, and repair of wagons, carts, drays, other vehicles, and horse-drawn and motor-propelled passenger- carrying vehicles required for the transportation of troops and 359 Amount immedi- ately available. Proviso. Laundry charges. Incidental expenses of the Army. Post, pp. 601, 967, 970. 46 Stat. 818 . Recruiting. Tests, research, etc. Army transporta- tion. Post, pp . 378, 601, 603,872,967,970. Privately owned automobiles. Boats, etc. Vehicles.