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Toward the acquisition of land at Fort Knox, Kentucky, as author- ized by the Act of July 26, 1939 (53 Stat. 1123) (estimated to cost $1,640,000), $666,667, to remain available until July 1, 1942. For the acquisition of land for Utah General Depot, as authorized 40 tat. 21 by the Act of July 2, 1917, as amended (50 U. S. C. 171), $213,000, to remain available until June 30, 1942. For the acquisition of land for the Fort Sill Military Reservation, 40Stat. 2. Oklahoma, as authorized by the Act of July 2, 1917, as amended (50 U. S. C. 171), $205,000, to remain available until June 30, 1942. Post, pp. 602 , 968, BARRACKS AND QUARTERS AND OTHER BUILDINGS AND UTILITIES 1046. Construction, etc. , For all expenses incident to the construction, installation, opera- f buildings. tion, and maintenance of buildings, utilities, appurtenances, and accessories necessary for the shelter, protection, and accommodation of the Army and its personnel and property, where not specifically provided for in other appropriations, including personal services, purchase and repair of furniture for quarters for officers, warrant officers, and noncommissioned officers, and officers' messes and wall lockers and refrigerators for Government-owned buildings as may be approved by the Secretary of War, care and improvement of Rentals. grounds, flooring and framing for tents, rental of buildings, includ- ing not to exceed $900 in the District of Columbia, provided space is not available in Government-owned buildings, and grounds for military purposes, lodgings for recruits and applicants for enlist- ment, water supply, sewer and fire-alarm systems, fire apparatus, roads, walks, wharves, drainage, dredging channels, purchase of Targetpractice, etc. water, disposal of sewage, shooting galleries, ranges for small-arms target practice, field, mobile, and railway artillery practice, including flour for paste for marking targets, such ranges and galleries to be open as far as practicable to the National Guard and organized rifle clubs under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of War; warehouse and fuel handling equipment; stoves required for use of the Army for heating offices, hospitals, barracks, quarters, recruiting stations, and United States disciplinary barracks, also ranges and stoves for cooking food at posts2 for post bakery and bake-oven equipment and apparatus and appliances for cooking and serving food when constituting fixed installations in buildings, including maintenance and repair of such heating and cooking appli- Heat, light, etc. ances; for furnishing heat and light for the authorized allowance of quarters for officers, enlisted men, and warrant officers, including retired enlisted men when ordered to active duty, contract surgeons when stationed at and occupying public quarters at military posts, officers of the National Guard attending service and garrison schools, Buildings erectedat and for recruits, guards, hospitals, storehouses, offices, the buildings 32 Stat. 282. erected at private cost, in the operation of the Act approved May 31, 1902 (10 U. S . C. 1346), and buildings for a similar purpose on military reservations authorized by War Department regulations; pFel, engine sup- for sale of fuel to officers; fuel and engine supplies required in the operation of modern batteries at established posts, $19,534,053, of which amount $2,500,000 shall be available Immediately for the procurement and transportation of fuel for the service of the fiscal Fort MonroV, ,year 1941: Provided, That the amounts to be assessed and collected wharf, etc. by the Secretary of War for expenditure for maintenance purposes at Fort Monroe, Virginia, under the provisions of the Act of August 1, 1894 (28 Stat. 212), shall be $13,520 for wharf and $5,053 for Mmltay attachs, roads and sewerage system: Provided further, That this appropria- tion shall be available for the rental of offices, garages, and stables [54 STAT. 362 PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 34-JUNE 13, 1940