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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 343-JUNE 13, 1940 at the academy and repair and maintenance thereof; fuel for heat, light, and power; pay of employees; and other necessary incidental expenses in the discretion of the superintendent; in all, $1,958,270: Provided, That not to exceed $3,750 of this amount shall be available to liquidate the indebtedness of cadets separated from the service for any reason during their first year, who at the time of their separation are in debt to the cadet store. NATIONAL GUARD ARMING, EQUIPPING, AND TRAINING THE NATIONAL GUARD For procurement of forage, bedding, and so forth, for animals used by the National Guard, $535,817. For compensation of help for care of materials, animals, and equipment, $4,349,970, of which $212,350 shall be available exclusively for the compensation of employees engaged upon Federal property custodial and accounting work and such other work as they may be required to perform by the properly constituted State authorities: Provided, That the number of caretakers authorized to be employed for any one heavier-than-air squadron under the provisions of section 90 of the National Defense Act of June 3, 1916, as amended, may be increased from 13 to 21. For expenses, camps of instruction and air fields, and storage facili- ties either on Government-owned or State-owned land, field and supplemental training, including construction and maintenance, and the hire (at a rate not to exceed $1 per diem), repair, maintenance, and operation of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles, $19,662,417: Provided,That not to exceed $25,500 of this appropriation shall be available for the settlement of claims (not exceeding $500) for damages to or loss of private property incident to the operation of camps of instruction, either during the stay of National Guard units in such camps or while thereto or therefrom en route: Provided fur- ther, That not to exceed $100,000 of this appropriation shall be avail- able for construction at concurrent camps. For expenses, selected officers and enlisted men, military service schools, $730,925. For pay of property and disbursing officers for the United States, at a rate not less than $2,400 per annum, $130,800. For general expenses, equipment, and instruction, National Guard, the hire (at a rate not to exceed $1 per diem), repair, maintenance, and operation of motor-propelled passenger- and non-passenger- carrying vehicles, and the medical and hospital treatment of members of the National Guard who suffer personal injury or contract disease in line of duty, and other expenses in connection therewith, including pay and allowances, subsistence, transportation, and burial expenses, as authorized by the Act of June 15, 1936 (49 Stat. 1507), $1,598,302. For travel of officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men of the Regu- lar Army detailed to, or while on, duty with the National Guard, including transportation of dependents, transportation of mounts, and transportation, packing, and crating of household goods and effects as authorized by law, $415,821. For transportation of equipment and supplies, $991,014. For expenses of enlisted men of the Regular Army on duty with the National Guard, including payment of an allowance for quarters at the rate of $35 per month to each man not furnished quarters in kind, $373,500. For pay of National Guard (armory drills), $19,309,100, of which $900,000 shall be available for voluntary field training without pay at or near home stations, including rations (not to exceed 75 cents per ration), to which participants m such training shall be entitled. 371 Proviso. Liquidation of in- debtedness of certain cadets. Post, p . 970. Forage, etc. Care of materials, animals, etc. Proviso. Increase in care- takers for heavier- than-air squadrons. 39 Stat. 205. 32U.S.C. i42; Supp. V, §42. Instruction ex- penses. Provisos. Settlement of claims. Construction at con- current camps. Service schools, ex- penses of officers, etc. Property and dis- bursing officers. Equipment, etc. Medical, etc., treat- ment. 10 U.S . C., Supp. V, §} 455a-155d . Travel of Army officers, etc. Transportation. Army enlisted men, expenses. Pay, armory drills; voluntary field train- ing.