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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3 D SESS.-CH. 343-JUNE 13, 1940 June 30, 1932: Provided,That officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men of the National Guard and Organized Reserves, who, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of War, volunteer to par- ticipate without pay as competitors or range officers in the national matches to be held during the fiscal year 1941, may attend such matches without pay, notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, but shall be entitled to travel and subsistence allowances at the same rates as are provided for civilians who attend and partici- pate in said matches, but this proviso shall not operate to prohibit the pay of such competitors or range officers, provided funds for such payment are available from the appropriation "Promotion of rifle practice, 1941", nor shall any provision in this Act operate to deprive a Reserve officer ordered to active duty incident to the national matches of pay for the full period of such active duty, provided funds for such payment are available from the appropria- tion "Promotion of rifle practice, 1941": Provided further, That officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men of the National Guard and Organized Reserves may be ordered to duty, with their consent, for the care, maintenance, and operation of the ranges used in the conduct of the national matches, and such officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men while so engaged shall be entitled to the same pay, subsistence, and transportation as officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men of corresponding grades of the Regular Army are entitled by law, which expense shall be provided by the appropria- tion "Promotion of rifle practice"; and after being duly mustered may be paid for the period from the date of leaving home rendezvous to date of return thereto as determined in advance, both dates inclusive. ORGANIZED RESERVES For pay and allowances of members of the Officers' Reserve Corps on active duty in accordance with law; mileage, reimbursement of actual traveling expenses, or per diem allowances in lieu thereof, as authorized by law; for travel in kind or reimbursement in lieu thereof, as now authorized by law for officers of the Regular Army, of dependents of Reserve officers who have been ordered to active duty for periods in excess of fifteen days; pay, transportation, sub- sistence, clothing, and medical and hospital treatment of members of the Enlisted Reserve Corps; conducting correspondence or extension courses for instruction of members of the Reserve Corps, including necessary supplies, procurement of maps and textbooks, and trans- portation and traveling expenses of employees; purchase of training manuals, including Government publications and blank forms, sub- scriptions to magazines and periodicals of a professional or technical nature; establishment, maintenance, and operation of Organized Reserve headquarters and of camps for training of the Organized Reserves; for miscellaneous expenses incident to the administration of the Organized Reserves, including the maintenance and operation of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles and purchase of thirty such vehicles; for the actual and necessary expenses, or per diem in lieu thereof, at rates authorized by law, incurred by officers and enlisted men of the Regular Army and Reserve officers ordered to active duty for periods in excess of fifteen days traveling on duty in connection with the Organized Reserves, and for travel of dependents, and packing and transportation of baggage of such personnel; for expenses incident to the use, including upkeep and depreciation costs, of supplies, equipment, and materiel furnished in accordance with law from stocks under the control of the War Department; for trans- portation of baggage, including packing and crating, of Reserve 373 Provisos. Participation in na- tional matches. Travel and subsist- ence allowances. Post, p . 377. Reserve officers. Care, etc., of ranges. Post, p . 377. Post, pp. 602, 970. Officers' Reserve Corps, members on active duty. Enlisted Corps. Reserve Correspondence, etc., courses. Headquarters and training camps. Per diem, travel, etc.