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thereof, or of the movements of any such employee while engaged Restriction on cash upon such work; nor shall any part of the appropriations made in tion etc.; exc this Act be available to pay any premiums or bonus or cash reward to any employee in addition to his regular wages, except for sugges- tions resulting in improvements or economy in the operation of any Government plant. officetrordered to SEC. 2. The foregoing appropriations for "Regular Supplies of the active duty; funds Army", "Clothing and Equipage", "Army Transportation", "Signal an, ,pp.3s, 359, Service of the Army", "Air Corps, Army", "Medical and Hospital 366, 36368,3 Department", "Engineer Service, Army", "Ordnance Service and Supplies", "Chemical Warfare Service', and "Seacoast Defenses" shall each be available for the pay and allowances, including travel allowances, of such Reserve officers as the President may, with their consent, order to active duty for such periods, not in excess of two years, as their service may be required in the procurement or produc- tion of equipment therein appropriated for, or on duty pertaining to aviation. Restrictiononuseof SEC. 3. No part of any money appropriated by this Act shall be ernment vehicles; ex- used for maintaining, driving, or operating any Government-owned ception. motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicle assigned for the exclusive use of persons other than the Secretary of War and medical officers on out-patient medical service. Restriction onuse o SEC. 4 . No part of any appropriation made by this Act shall be changes. used in any way to pay any expense in connection with the conduct, operation, or management of any post exchange, branch exchange or subexchange within any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, Exception. save and except for real assistance and convenience under such regu- lations as the Secretary of War may prescribe, to such personnel as are now or may be hereafter authorized by law and regulation to purchase subsistence stores or other Quartermaster supplies and to civilians employed or serving at military posts in supplying them with articles of small personal needs, not similar to those furnished ertfication on by the Government: Provided, That the commanding officer of the monthly report. post at which any such exchange is situated shall certify on the monthly report of the post exchange council that such exchange was, during the period covered by such report, operated in compliance solated posts. with this section: Provided further, That at posts isolated from a convenient market the Secretary of War may broaden the nature of the articles to be sold. miinistrative promon SEC. 5 . The total amount used on an annual basis for administra- tions. tive within-grade promotions for officers and employees under any appropriation or other fund made available in this Act shall not exceed the amount determined by the Bureau of the Budget to be available for such purpose on the basis of the Budget estimate for such appropriation or fund exclusive of new money in any such Budget estimate for such administrative promotions. TeRorary peon- SEC. 6 . Such portions of the appropriations contained herein under Ante, . 352 the head of "Military activities" on account of classified personal

services provided for in the Second Deficiency Appropriation Act, Anp 23 fiscal year 1939, in the Supplemental Military Appropriation Act, 1940, and in the Emergency Supplemental Appropration Act, 1940, shall be available for the employment of such personal services only upon a temporary basis. Personal services, canal Zone, citizen- SEC. 7 . No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be ship reuireent; ex- used directly or indirectly after May 1, 1941, except for temporary employment in case of emergency, for the payment of any civilian for services rendered by him on the Canal Zone while occupying a skilled, technical, clerical, administrative, executive, or supervisory PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 343-JUNE 13, 1940 [54 STAT. 378