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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3 D SESS.-CH. 358 -JUNE 13, 1940 allotted for the maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal. "Except as otherwise provided in the next preceding paragraph of this section, no action for damages for injuries arising in connec- tion with the operation of the Canal and by reason of the presence of a vessel in the waters of the Canal Zone shall lie in any court against the United States or the Panama Canal, or against any officer or employee of the Panama Canal: Provided, however, That nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent or prohibit actions against officers or employees of the Panama Canal for damages for injuries resulting from acts of such officers or employees outside the scope of their employment and not in line with their duties, or from acts of such officers or employees committed or performed with intent to injure the person or property of another." SEC. 2. That chapter 14 of title 2 of the Canal Zone Code, which chapter now consists of sections 271 to 275 of said title 2, is hereby amended so as to read as follows: "271. MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION OF THE CANAL ZONE POSTAL sERICE.- The Postal Service of the Canal Zone shall be governed except as otherwise provided in the Canal Zone Code, by such of the laws, rules, regulations, and conventions of the Postal Service of the United States as by their terms apply in the Canal Zone and by such additional laws, rules, and regulations of the Postal Service of the United States as the Governor of the Panama Canal shall by regulation determine to be applicable to conditions existing in the Canal Zone. The Governor may prescribe such additional rules and regulations as are necessary for the maintenance and operation of the Canal Zone Postal Service. "The Governor of the Panama Canal is authorized- "a. To maintain and operate a postal service in the Canal Zone, including a money-order system, a parcel-post system, a postal-sav- ings system, and such other services as may be necessary or con- venient in connection with the postal service; "b. To establish and discontinue post offices; "c. To prescribe the postage rates: Provided, howwever, That the United States domestic postage rates shall be applicable to regular mail exchanged with the United States; and "d. To prescribe the postage stamps and other stamped paper which shall be used in such service. CBaoss ItEBraNa S Extension to Canal Zone of United States laws and regulations defining crimes against the postal service, see title 5, section 111. For the laws of the Postal Service of the United States, see U. S . Code, title 39. "272. DEFRAYING EXPENSES FROM REVENUE 0OFAR AS POSSIBLE.-The expenses of operating the Canal Zone postal service shall be defrayed so far as possible, from the revenue derived therefrom, the use of which for that purpose is authorized. "273. ACCEPTANCE OF POSTAL-SAVINGS DEPOSrIT.- Such of the post offices of the Canal Zone as may be designated by the Governor are hereby authorized, under such regulations as the Governor may prescribe, to receive postal-savings deposits, and to issue therefor postal-savings certificates in the form to be prescribed by the Governor. "274. RATE OF INTEREST ON POSTALSAVINGS CETIFICATEs.- Postal- savings certificates issued as provided in this chapter shall bear interest at such rate, not exceeding 3 per centum per annum, as shall be established by the President. 389 Prohibition on cer- tain damage actions. ProvBo. Liability of employ- ees for acts outside scope of employment. 47 Stat. 812. 48U. S.C . i 1323a- 1325. Canal Zone Postal Service. Laws, rules, regula- tions, etc. Maintenanceof post- al service. Post offices. Postage rates. Proviso. Mail exchanged with U. S. Postage stamps, etc. Defraying expenses from postal revenue. Aceeptanceofpostal- savings deposits. Issuance of postal- savings certificates Rate of Interst.