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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 395-JUNE 18, 1940 stallation therein, and the construction of other necessary administra- tion buildings or residences, is continued available for the same pur- poses until June 30, 1941. Boulder Dam National Recreational Area, Arizona and Nevada: For administration, protection, improvement, and maintenance of the recreational activities of the Boulder Dam National Recreational Area and any lands that may be added thereto by Presidential or other authority, including not exceeding $800 for the purchase, main- tenance, operation, and repair of motor-driven passenger-carrying vehicles, $103,980. Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission: Any unex- pended balances of funds available for obligation for the Mount Rush- more National Memorial on June 30, 1940, are hereby continued available during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, for the same purposes for which such funds were originally appropriated and under the same conditions and limitations with respect thereto. Emergency reconstruction and fighting forest fires in national parks: For reconstruction, replacement, and repair of roads, trails, bridges, buildings, and other physical improvements and of equip- ment in national parks or national monuments that are damaged or destroyed by flood, fire, storm, or other unavoidable causes during the fiscal year 1941, and for fighting or emergency prevention of forest fires in national parks or other areas administered by the National Park Service, or fires that endanger such areas, $40,000, and in addition thereto the unexpended balance for this purpose for the fiscal year 1940 is continued available during the fiscal year 1941, together with not to exceed $100,000 to be transferred upon the approval of the Secretary of the Interior from the various appro- priations for national parks and national monuments herein con- tained, any such diversions of appropriations to be reported to Con- gress in the annual Budget: Provided, That the allotment of these funds to the various national parks or areas administered by the National Park Service as may be required for fire-fighting purposes shall be made by the Secretary of the Interior, and then only after the obligation for the expenditure has been incurred. Forest protection and fire prevention: For the control and the pre- vention of spread of forest insects and tree diseases and for fire-pre- vention measures, including equipment, and personal services in the District of Columbia (not to exceed $20,000) and elsewhere, $123,500, to be immediately available. The total of the foregoing amounts shall be available in one fund for the National Park Service: Provided, That 10 per centum of the foregoing amounts shall be available interchangeably and shall be reported to Congress in the annual Budget: Provided further, That no part of the foregoing appropriations for the National Park Serv- ice shall be available for the payment of the salaries or expenses of any employee of the National Park Service assigned to duties in con- nection with the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in Saint Louis, Missouri. Appropriations herein made for the national parks, national monu- ments, and other reservations under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, shall be available for the giving of educational lectures therein- for the services of field employees in cooperation with such nonprofit scientific and historical societies engaged in educational work in the various parks and monuments as the Secretary, in his discretion, may designate; and for travel expenses of employees attending Government camps for training in forest-fire prevention and suppression. 449 Boulder Dam Na- tional Recreational Area, Ariz.- Nev. Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission. Post, p. 1042. Emergency recon- struction and fighting forest fires. Reappropriation. 53 Stat. 729. Transfer of funds. Report to Congress. Proviso. Restriction on allot- ment. Forest protection and fire prevention. Accounting. Proriso*. Interchange of amounts. Report to Congress. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Saint Louis, Mo. Educational lec- tures, etc. 193470°-41-PT . -- 29