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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 396-JUNE 18, 1940 tion is held by the present incumbent; assistant superintendent of document room, $2,760 and $420 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent; clerk, $2,320; assistant clerk, $2,160; eight assistants at $1,860 each; janitor, $1,440; messengers to press room (House Press Gallery)-one at $1,560, one at $1,440; mainte- nance and repair of folding room motortruck, $500; in all, $269,688. SPECIAL AND MINORITY EMPLOYEES For the minority employees authorized and named in the House Resolutions Numbered 51 and 53 of December 11, 1931, and Num- bered 281 of July 21, 1937: Two at $5,000 each, one at $3,000, two at $2,820 each; one at $3,600, and $300 additional while the position is held by the present incumbent (minority pair clerk, House Reso- lution Numbered 313 of August 7, 1935); in all, $22,540. Special employees: Assistant foreman of the folding room, author- ized in the resolution of September 30, 1913, $1,980; laborer, author- ized and named in the resolution of April 28, 1914, $1,380; laborer, $1,380; in all, $4,740. Successors to any of the employees provided for in the two pre- ceding paragraphs may be named by the House of Representatives at any time. Office of majority floor leader: Legislative clerk, $3,110; clerk, $2,530; two asisstant clerks, at $1,800 each; for official expenses of the majority leader, as authorized by House Resolution Numbered 101, Seventy-first Congress, adopted December 18, 1929, $2,000; in all, $11,240. Conference minority: Clerk, $3,180; legislative clerk, $3,060; assistant clerk, $2,100; janitor, $1,560; in all, $9,900. The foregoing employees to be appointed by the minority leader. Two messengers, one in the majority caucus room and one in the minority caucus room, to be appointed by the majority and minority whips, respectively, at $1,740 each; in all, $3,480. POST OFFICE Salaries: Postmaster, $5,000; assistant postmaster, $2,880; two reg- istry and money-order clerks, at $2,100 each; forty messengers (including one to superintend transportation of mails), at $1,740 each; substitute messengers and extra services of regular employees, when required, at the rate of not to exceed $145 per month each, $1,740; laborer $1,260; in all, $84,680. Motor vehicles: For the purchase, exchange, maintenance, and repair of motor vehicles for carrying the mails, $2,500. OFFICIAL REPORTERS OF DEBATES Salaries: Six official reporters of the proceedings and debates of the House at $7,500 each; clerk, $4,000; assistant clerk, $2,000; six expert transcribers at $2,000 each; in all, $63,000. COMMITTEE STENOGRAPHERS Salaries: Four stenographers to committees, at $7,000 each and two stenographers to committees, at $6,000 each; clerk, $3,360; in all, $43,360. Whenever the words "during the session" occur in the foregoing paragraphs they shall be construed to mean the one hundred and eighty-one days from January 1 to June 30, 1941, both inclusive. 469 Minority employ- ees. Special employees. Naming of succes- sors. Office of majority floor leader. Conference minor- ity. Caucus room mes- sengers. Salaries. Motor vehicles. Salaries. Salaries. "Duringthesession" construed.