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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CHS. 12 -14 -JAN . 25 , 26, 1940 or his attorney or in favor of any opposite party, or attorney for an opposite party, to the suit, and that it is made in good faith and not for the purpose of delay. Every such affidavit shall state the facts and the reasons for the belief that such bias or prejudice exists, and shall be filed within one day after such action, suit, or proceeding is at issue upon a question of fact, or good cause shall be shown for the failure to file it within such time. No party or attorney shall be entitled to file more than one such affidavit in any case. The provisions of this subdivision shall apply only to the District Court." Approved, January 25, 1940. [CHAPTER 13] AN ACT To amend section 22 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 22 of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933, as amended, and as reen- acted by section 1 (k) of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, as amended, is amended by inserting after the words "Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act, as amended", wherever they appear, the words and figures ", or section 32, Public Law Numbered 320, Seventy-fourth Congress, approved August 24 1935, as amended"; by inserting in subsection (a) after the word "being" the words "or are practically certain to b;by striking out in sub- section (b) the words "limitations on the total quantities of any article or articles which may be imported" and by inserting in lieu thereof the words "fees on, or such limitations on the total quantities of, any article or articles which may be entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption"; by striking out in subsection (b) the expression "July 1, 1928, to June 30, 1933" and inserting in lieu thereof the expression "January 1, 1929, to December 31, 1933"; and by amending subsection (c) to read as follows: "The fees and import restrictions proclaimed by the President under this section and any revocation, suspension, or modification thereof, shall become effective on such date as shall be specified in such proclamation, revocation, suspension, or modification, and such fees, which shall not be in excess of 50 per centum ad valorem, shall be treated for the purposes of all provisions of law relating to customs revenue as duties imposed by the Tariff Act of 1930." Approved, January 25, 1940. [CHAPTER 141 AN ACT Authorizing States owning lands or interests therein acquired from the United States to include the same in certain agreements for the conservation of oil and gas resources. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That notwith- standing the provisions of any applicable grant, deed, patent, exchange, or law of the United States, any State owning lands or interests therein acquired by it from the United States may consent to the operation or development of such lands or interests, or any part thereof, under agreements approved by the Secretary of the Interior made jointly or severally with lessees or permittees of lands or mineral deposits of the United States or others, for the purpose of more properly conserving the oil and gas resources within such State. Such agreements may provide for the cooperative or unit operation or development of part or all of any oil or gas pool, field, 193470°-41-PT. I-2 17 Statement of facts and reasons for belief; time limitation. Application of pro- visions. January 25, 1940 [H. R. 7171] [Public, No. 406] Agricultural Adjust- ment Act, amend- ments. 49 Stat. 773; 60 Stat. 246. 7U.S.C., Supp.V, § 624. Import provisions. 49 Stat. 774. 7 U.S. C., Supp. V, 612c. Fees and import restrictions. 46 Stat. 590.; Bupp. V, oh. 4. January 26, 1940 [H. R. 2953] [Public, No. 407] Conservation of oil and gas resources. Inclusion by States in certain agreements for, of lands, etc., ac- quired from U. S . Provisions and terma