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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 409-JUNE 21, 1940 Payment upon com- pletion. Payments as work progresses. Limitation on U. S . payments. Exception. Payments to bridge owner, requirements. and of his order fixing the proportionate shares of the United States and of the bridge owner, and the Secretary of the Treasury shall thereupon set aside, out of any appropriation available for such purpose, the share of the United States payable under this Act on account of the project. When the Secretary finds that such project has been completed in accordance with his order, he shall cause to be paid to the bridge owner, out of the funds so set aside, the pro- portionate share of the total cost of the project allocated to the United States; or he may, in his discretion, from time to time, cause payments to be made on such construction costs as the work progresses. The total payments out of Federal funds shall not exceed the proportionate share of the United States of the total cost of the project paid or incurred by the bridge owner, and, if such total cost exceeds the cost guaranteed by the bridge owner, shall not exceed the proportionate share of the United States of such guaranteed cost, except that if the cost of the work exceeds the guaranteed cost by reason of emergencies, conditions beyond the control of the owner, or unforeseen or undetermined conditions, the Secretary may, after full review of all the circumstances, provide for additional payments by the United States to help defray such excess cost to the extent he deems to be reasonable and proper, and shall certify such addi- tional payments to the Secretary of the Treasury for payment. All payments to any bridge owner herein provided for shall be made by the Secretary of the Treasury through the Division of Disburse- ment upon certifications of the Secretary of War. APPROPRIATION AUTHORIZED Appropriation au- thorized. Post, p . 1047. Punishment for noncompliance with order. Removal of bridge at owner's expense. Suit for such ex- pense. Removal enforce- able by injunction, etc. SEc. 8 . There are hereby authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ORDERS; PENALTIES; REMOVAL OF BRIGE SEC. 9. Any bridge owner who shall willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order of the Secretary, made in accordance with the provisions of this Act, shall be deemed guilty of a mis- demeanor and on conviction thereof shall be punished in any court of competent jurisdiction by a fine not exceeding $5 000, and every month such bridge owner shall remain in default shall be deemed a new offense and subject such bridge owner to additional penalties therefor. In addition to the penalties above prescribed the Secretary may, upon the failure or refusal of any bridge owner to comply with any lawful order issued by the Secretary in regard thereto, cause the removal of any such bridge and accessory works at the expense of the bridge owner; and suit for such expense may be brought in the name of the United States against such bridge owner and recovery had for such expense in any court of competent jurisdic- tion. The removal of any bridge erected or maintained in violation of the provisions of this Act or the order or direction of the Secretary made in pursuance thereof, and compliance with any order of the Secretary made with respect to any bridge in accordance with the provisions of this Act, may be enforced by injunction, man- damus, or other summary process upon application to the district court of any district in which such bridge may, in whole or in part, exist, and proper proceedings to this end may be instituted under the direction of the Attorney General of the United States at the request of the Secretary. [54 STAT.