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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 421 -JUNE 25, 1940 serums, antitoxins, or analogous products, of foreign or domestic manufacture, which are sold in the United States, for the detection, prevention, treatment, or cure of diseases of domestic animals, test the same, and disseminate the results of said tests in such manner Purchase and de- as he may deem best, and purchase and destroy diseased or exposed struction of diseased, etc. , a nimals. animals, including poultry, or quarantine the same whenever in his judgment essential to prevent the spread of pleuro-pneumonia, tuber- culosis, contagious poultry diseases, or other diseases of animals from one State to another, as follows: Administrative ex- General administrative expenses: For necessary expenses for gen- penses . eral administrative purposes, including the salary of chief of bureau and other personal services in the District of Columbia, $170,120. Animal husbandry. Animal husbandry: For investigations and experiments in animal husbandry; for experiments in animal feeding and breeding, includ- ing cooperation with the State agricultural experiment stations and other agencies, including repairs and additions to and erection of buildings absolutely necessary to carry on the experiments, $824,380, Demonstrations in including $12,500 for livestock experiments and demonstrations at Texas. Big Spring or elsewhere in Texas, to be available only when the State of Texas, or other cooperating agency in Texas, shall have appro- priated an equal amount or, in the opinion of the Secretary of Agriculture, shall have furnished its equivalent in value in coopera- tion for the same purpose during the fiscal year for which appro- PrOimto. in priations are herein made: Provided, That of the sum thus poultry feeding and appropriated $243,957 may be used for experiments in poultry breeding, feeding and breeding, of which amount $45,000 may be used in cooperation with State authorities in the administration of regula- tions for the improvement of poultry, poultry products, and hatcheries. Dieses of animals. Diseases of animals: For scientific investigations of diseases of Beltsville, Md., sta- animals, including the construction of necessary buildings at Beltsville, ti on . Maryland, and necessary expenses for investigations of tuberculin, Cntgousabortion serums, antitoxins, and analogous products, $462,000: Provided,That of animals. of said sum $78,182 may be used for researches concerning the cause, modes of spread, and methods of treatment and prevention of the disease of contagious abortion of animals. TBaerculosis and Eradicating tuberculosis and Bang's disease: For the control and eradication of the diseases of tuberculosis and paratuberculosis of animals, avian tuberculosis, and Bang's disease of cattle, $4,300,000 Reappropriation. together with the unobligated balances of the funds reappropriated 53 Stat. 949. under this head for the fiscal year 1940 by the Agricultural Appro- priation Act for that year from unobligated balances of funds made 49stat. 77. available by the Act of May 25, 1934 (48 Stat. 805), and section 37 J61b.O -'upp.v, of the Act of August 24, 1935 (7 U. S . C. 612b): Provided, That in Indemnities for de- carrying out the purpose of this appropriation, if in the opinion of stroyed animals. the Secretary of Agriculture it shall be necessary to condemn and destroy tuberculous or paratuberculous cattle, or cattle reacting to the test for Bang's disease, and if such animals have been destroyed, con- demned, or die after condemnation, he may, in his discretion, and in accordance with such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, expend in the city of Washington or elsewhere such sums as he shall determine to be necessary for the payment of indemnities to owners State, etc., coopers- of such animals but, except as hereinafter provided, no part of the money hereby appropriated shall be used in compensating owners of such cattle except in cooperation with and supplementary to pay- ments to be made by State, Territory, county, or municipality where condemnation of such cattle shall take place, nor shall any payment be made hereunder as compensation for or on account of any such animal if at the time of inspection or test, or at the time of condemna- tion thereof, it shall belong to or be upon the premises of any person, 540 [54 STAT.