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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 642, 643 -JULY 19, 1940 Meetings. Rules; contribu- tions. Personnel. 42 Stat. 1488 . 5u. S. . C. 661- 674; Supp. V, §§673, 673c. Appropriation au- thorized. ure. Meetings of the committee shall be held at the request of the Secretary for the purpose of making recommendations concerning the promotion of tourist travel under the provisions of this Act. The members of the committee shall receive no compensation for their services as members, but shall be entitled to reimbursement for such necessary travel and other expenses in connection with their attend- ance at committee meetings as may be authorized or approved by the Secretary. SEC. 4. In the performance of his functions and duties under the provisions of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior is authorized- (a) To prescribe, amend, and repeal such rules and regulations as he may deem necessary, and to accept contributions for carrying out the purposes of this Act; and (b) To employ without regard to the civil-service laws, but subject to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, one special assistant and not to exceed five artists and illustrators. SEC. 5. There is authorized to be appropriated annually not to exceed the sum of $100,000 to carry out the provisions of this Act. Approved, July 19, 1940. [CHAPTER 643] July 19,1940 [H. R. 98771 [Public, No. 7561 Boulder Canyon Project Adjustment Act. Promulgation of charges for electrical energy. Purposes. 45 Stat. 1057. 43U.S.C .§617a(b). Revisions, etc., of charges. Disposition of re- ceipts; availability. Annual appropria- tion. AN ACT Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to promulgate and to put into effect charges for electrical energy generated at Boulder Dam, providing for the application of revenues from said project, authorizing the operation of the Boulder Power Plant by the United States directly or through agents, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to, and he shall, promulgate charges, or the basis of computation thereof, for elec- trical energy generated at Boulder Dam during the period beginning June 1, 1937, and ending May 31, 1987, computed to be sufficient, together with other net revenues from the project, to accomplish the following purposes: (a) To meet the cost of operation and maintenance, and to pro- vide for replacements, of the project during the period beginning June 1, 1937, and ending May 31, 1987; (b) To repay to the Treasury, with interest, the advances to the Colorado River Dam Fund for the project made prior to June 1 1937, within fifty years from that date (excluding advances allocated to flood control by section 2 (b) of the Project Act, which shall be repayable as provided in section 7 hereof), and such portion of such advances made on and after June 1, 1937, as (on the basis of repayment thereof within such fifty-year period or periods as the Secretary may determine) will be repayable prior to June 1, 1987; (c) To provide $600,000 for each of the years and for the purposes specified in section 2 (c) hereof; and (d) To provide $500,000 for each of the years and for the purposes specified in section 2 (d) hereof. Such charges may be made subject to revisions and adjustments at such times, to such extent, and in such manner, as by the terms of their promulgation the Secretary shall prescribe. SEC. 2. All receipts from the project shall be paid into the Colorado River Dam Fund and shall be available for: (a) Annual appropriation for the operation, maintenance, and replacements of the project, including emergency replacements necessary to insure continuous operations; 774 [54 STAT.