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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 86--AUG. 22, 1940 Sales restriction. Proviso. Exception. Suspension of right of redemption, etc. Exceptions. Rules for determi- nation of restricted trading and emer- gency. Exemption. Transferability, etc., of certain secu- rities. Issuance of secu- rities for services, etc. (d) No registered investment company shall sell any redeemable security issued by it to any person except either to or through a principal underwriter for distribution or at a current public offering price described in the prospectus, and, if such class of security is being currently offered to the public by or through an underwriter, no principal underwriter of such security and no dealer shall sell any such security to any person except a dealer, a principal underwriter or the issuer, except at a current public offering price described in the prospectus: Provided, however, That nothing in this subsection shall prevent a sale made (i) pursuant to an offer of exchange per- mitted by section 11 hereof including any offer made pursuant to clause (1) or (2) of section 11 (b); (ii) pursuant to an offer made solely to all registered holders of the securities, or of a particular class or series of securities issued by the company proportionate to their holdings or proportionate to any cash distribution made to them by the company (subject to appropriate qualifications designed solely to avoid issuance of fractional securities); or (iii) in accord- ance with rules and regulations of the Commission made pursuant to subsection (b) of section 12. (e) No registered investment company shall suspend the right of redemption or postpone the date of payment or satisfaction upon redemption of any redeemable security in accordance with its terms for more than seven days after the tender of such security to the company or its agent designated for that purpose for redemption except- (1) for any period (A) during which the New York Stock Exchange is closed other than customary week-end and holiday closings or (B) during which trading on the New York Stock Exchange is restricted; (2) for any period during which an emergency exists as a result of which (A) disposal by the company of securities owned by it is not reasonably practicable or (B) it is not reasonably practi- cable for such company fairly to determine the value of its net assets; or (3) for such other periods as the Commission may by order permit for the protection of security holders of the company. The Commission shall by rules and regulations determine the condi- tions under which (i) trading shall be deemed to be restricted and (ii) an emergency shall be deemed to exist within the meaning of this subsection. Any company which, as of March 15, 1940, was required by provision of its charter, certificate of incorporation, articles of association, or trust indenture, or of a bylaw or regulation duly adopted thereunder, to postpone the date of payment or satisfaction upon redemption of redeemable securities issued by it, shall be exempt from the requirements of this subsection; but such exemption shall terminate upon the expiration of one year from the effective date of this title, or upon the repeal or amendment of such provision, or upon the sale by such company after March 15, 1940, of any security (other than short-term paper) of which it is the issuer, whichever first occurs. (f) No registered open-end company shall restrict the transferability or negotiability of any security of which it is the issuer except in con- formity with the statements with respect thereto contained in its registration statement nor in contravention of such rules and regula- tions as the Commission may prescribe in the interests of the holders of all of the outstanding securities of such investment company. (g) No registered open-end company shall issue any of its securities (1) for services; or (2) for property other than cash or securities (including securities of which such registered company is the issuer), 824 [54 STAT.