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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 71-MAR. 25 , 1940 Salaries Pos, p. 6. Department contin- gent, etc., expenses. Post, p. 1045. Operating expenses, Department build- ings. Traveling expenses. Vehicles. ProiSos. Additional funds. Post, pp. 58, 60, 62, W. 57. 37 Stat. 414. Minor purchases. Post, p. 1109. OFMICE OF CHIEF CLERK Salaries: For the Chief Clerk and other personal services in the District of Columbia, $178,445. MISCELLANEOUS AND CONTINGENT EXPENSES, TREASURY DEPARTMENT For miscellaneous and contingent expenses of the Office of the Secretary and the bureaus and offices of the Department, including operating expenses of the Treasury, Treasury Annex, Auditors', and Liberty Loan Buildings; newspaper clippings, financial journals, books of reference, law books, technical and scientific books, news- papers, and periodicals, expenses incurred in completing imperfect series, library cards, supplies, and all other necessary expenses con- nected with the library; not exceeding $5,000 for traveling expenses, including the payment of actual transportation and subsistence expenses to any person whom the Secretary of the Treasury may from time to time invite to the city of Washington or elsewhere for conference and advisory purposes in furthering the work of the Department; freight, expressage, telegraph and telephone service; purchase and exchange of motortrucks, and maintenance and repair of motortrucks and three passenger automobiles (one for the Secre- tary of the Treasury and two for general use of the Department), all to be used for official purposes only; file holders and cases; fuel, oils, grease, and heating supplies and equipment; gas and electricity for lighting, heating, and power purposes including material, fixtures, and equipment therefor; purchase, exchange, and repair of type- writers and labor-saving machines and equipment and supplies for same; floor covering and repairs thereto; furniture and office equip- ment, including supplies therefor and repairs thereto; awnings, win- dow shades, and fixtures; cleaning supplies and equipment; drafting equipment; flags; hand trucks, ladders; miscellaneous hardware; streetcar fares not exceeding $750; thermometers; lavatory equip- ment and supplies; tools and sharpening same; laundry service; laboratory supplies and equipment removal of rubbish; postage; and other absolutely necessary articles, supplies, and equipment not otherwise provided for; $227,000: Provided, That the appropria- tions for the Public Debt Service, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Alcohol Administration, United States Processing Tax Board of Review, Procurement Division, and Division of Disbursement for the fiscal year 1941 are hereby made available for the payment of items otherwise properly chargeable to this appropriation, the pro- visions of section 6 Act of August 23, 1912 (31 U. S. C . 669), to the contrary notwithstanding: Provided further, That section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U. S . C. 5) shall not be construed to apply to any purchase or service rendered for the Treasury Depart- ment when the aggregate amount involved does not exceed the sum of $50. CUSTODY OF TREASURY BUIIDINGS Operating orce. Salaries of operating force: For the Superintendent of Treasury Pst, p.652 . Buildings and for other personal services in the District of Columbia, including the operating force of the Treasury Building, the Treasury Annex, the Liberty Loan Building, the Auditors' Building, and of other buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, except the buildings of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, $308,140. Onardforce. Salaries and expenses, guard force: For salaries and expenses of the guard force for Treasury Department buildings in the District of Columbia, including the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, including not to exceed $6,000 for purchase, repair, and cleaning of uniforms, and for the purchase of arms and ammunition and miscel- 56 [54 STAT.