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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 715-SEPT. 5, 1940 23U.S. C., chs. 1,2; Supp. V, chs. 1,2. Federal-aid high- way system. Appropriations au- thorized. Secondary or feeder roads. Appropriations au- thorized. Use of Federal funds without matching State funds in certain cases. 23U.S.C. 55. 23 U. S.O.0 1-25; Supp. V, I§ 2a-24a. Proviso. Expenditures from standpoint of national defense. Hawaii. Use of unexpended road funds. Federal participa- tion in project work. post roads, and for other purposes", approved July 11, 1916 (39 Stat. 355), and all Acts amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the following sums, to be expended according to the provisions of such Act as amended and sup- plemented: The sum of $100,000,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1942, and the sum of $100,000,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1943. SEC. 2 . For the purpose of continuing the provisions of section 7 of the Act of June 16, 1936 (49 Stat. 1521), there is hereby authorized to be appropriated the sum of $17,500,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30,1942, and the sum of $17,500,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30,1943; said sums to be expended on secondary or feeder roads, includ- ing farm-to-market roads, rural-free-delivery mail roads, and public- school bus routes. SEC. 3 . If within the fiscal years 1942 and 1943 the Federal Works Administrator shall find with respect to any State (1) that the proceeds of all special taxes on motor-vehicle transportation, as referred to in section 12 of the Act of June 18, 1934 (48 Stat. 995), as amended, are applied to highway purposes as defined m said section; (2) that at least 90 per centum of such proceeds are applied to the administrative and operating expenses of the State highway department, the maintenance of the State and Federal-aid highway systems, and the payment of interest on, and the amortization of, bond obligations of the State for the payment of which such revenues have heretofore been pledged; and (3) that the portion of the proceeds of all such special taxes then available for construction and reconstruction, together with funds available to the State from any other sources for highway purposes, will be insufficient to match all, or any part, of the regular and secondary Federal-aid road funds apportioned to such State for such fiscal years in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Highway Act (42 Stat. 212), as amended and supplemented, then such portion of such apportionment as the Federal Works Administrator shall find the State is unable to match shall be made available for expenditure in such State in accordance with said Federal Highway Act without being matched by the State: Provided,That any such funds made available to any State without being matched by the State shall be expended by the State on the system of Federal-aid highways and on secondary roads in the construction of projects desirable from the standpoint of national defense. SEO. 4. Any balances of the regular and secondary Federal-aid road funds apportioned for the fiscal years 1939 and 1940 to the Territory of Hawaii which may remain unexpended at the close of the period of their availability shall be available thereafter for expenditure in such Territory by the Public Roads Administraton in the construc- ton of projects desirable from the standpoint of the national defense, and the Commissioner of Public Roads is hereby empowered to enter into any agreements which he may deem necessary with the Territor of Hawaii setting forth the method by which such construction work shall be performed and the conditions which shall apply thereto, and he is further authorized, at his discretion, to pay all or any part of the costs incurred after approval of any such project, including the cost of surveys, the preparation of plans, specifications and estimates, and of necessary new or additional rights-of-way, and to make advances to such Territory under appropriate safeguards to enable it to make prompt payments to contractors on projects that may be agreed shall be constructed under contracts to be let and supervised by the Territory. 868 [54 STAT.