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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 717-SEPT. 9, 1940 Naval radio station, Gatun, Canal Zone: Quarters and accessories, Gatun, C. Z. $40,000. Naval radio station, Jupiter, Florida: Barracks, compass house, and Jupiter, Fla. quarters building, $65,000. Naval radio station, Point Arguello California: Quarters and acces- Point Arguello, sories, $6,000; powerhouse, garage, and dormitory building, $27,000. C Naval radio station, Poyners Hill, North Carolina: Barracks, corn- Poyners Hil, N. C . pass house, and quarters building and services, $72,000. Naval direction-finder station, Sandy Hook, New Jersey: Radio Sandy Hook, N J buildings and facilities and services, $70,000. Naval radio station, Summit, Canal Zone: Quarters and accessories mmt, for operators, $72,000; extension of radio facilities, $196,000. Naval Research Laboratory, Bellevue, District of Columbia: Exten- Bellevue D- C sion of chemical laboratory building, $90,000; improvement of water front, $160,000. Marine barracks, Parris Island, South Carolina: Power and ice-plant Paeis Isand, S. C . building and accessories and equipment, $500,000; outside power con- nection to public-utility company, $10,000; magazines, $10,000; repairs and replacements to make good storm damage of August 12, 1940, $1,750,000; additional construction for increase in Marine Corps personnel, $2,000,000. Marine Corps depot of supplies, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Stor- Phadelphia, Pa. age buildings and accessories, $1,300,000. Marine barracks, Quantico, Virginia: Barracks for school detach- Qua"ti'" v. ment, $100,000; outside power connection to public-utility company, $35,000; magazines, $10,000. Marie Corps. Marine Corps: Extension of training areas, $2,000,000. Mariorps. Naval supply depot, Norfolk, Virginia: Replacement of pier and Norfolk . accessories, $3,200,000. San Diego Cal. Naval supply depot, San Diego, California: Extension of pier and D transit shed, $1,700,000. Naval supply depot, Oakland, California: Medical supply store- Oaland house, $300,000. PearHarbo T. H. Naval fuel depot, Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii: Additional P arbo development of underground fuel storage, $2,500,000. Facilities for reserve midshipmen at such locations as the Secretary midshipmen. of the Navy, with the approval of the President, may select, $250,000. Tenth naval district: Headquarters facilities, including administra- tenth naval dis- tion building, quarters for officers and married enlisted men, and bar- racks building and accessories, $450,000. Frteenth naval Fourteenth naval district: Dredging of channels and harbors, district. $1,500,000; fleet moorings, $250,000. Flftenth naval tlIs- Fifteenth naval district: Additional storage facilities, including trict. buildings and accessories, $1,000,000; housing for naval personnel, including buildings and accessories, $1,527,000. Receiving aracks. Receiving barracks for crews of ships going into commission at various locations, $2,200,000. Storage for aviation Storage for aviation gasoline at various locations, $2,500,000. gasolinue. d- The provisions of section 4 of the Act approved April 25, 1939 (53 costrplus-a-f e Stat. 590-592), shall be applicable to all public works and public utilities projects provided in this title, regardless of location: Provided, That °m1itOion on fxed the fixed fee to be paid the contractor as a result of any contract here-ree. after entered into under the authority of the above-mentioned Act shall not exceed 6 per centum of the estimated cost of the contract, exclusive of the fee, as determined by the Secretary of the Navy. To enable the Secretary of the Navy to expedite the construction itatio . of cost or provision of the public works and public utilities projects men- tioned in this Act, the limit of cost indicated for each of such projects may, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Navy, be varied upward 193470o-41--PT. --- 56 881