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1822 Guaranty. Navigation conces- sions. Settlement of dis- agreements. Boundary line. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [56 STAT. ARTICLE V The activity of the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile shall continue until the definitive demarcation of frontiers between Peru and Ecuador has been completed, this protocol and the execution thereof being under the guaranty of the four countries mentioned at the beginning of this article. ARTICLE VI Ecuador shall enjoy, for purposes of navigation on the Amazon and its northern tributaries, the same concessions which Brazil and Colombia enjoy, in addition to those which may be agreed upon in a Treaty of Commerce and Navigation designed to facilitate free and untaxed navigation on the aforesaid rivers. ARTICLE VII Any doubt or disagreement which may arise in the execution of this protocol shall be settled by the parties concerned, with the assistance of the representatives of the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, in the shortest possible time. ARTICLE VIII The boundary line shall follow the points named below: A)-In the west: 1)-The mouth of the Capones in the ocean; 2)-The Zarumilla River and the Balsamal or Lajas Que- brada; 3)-The Puyango or Tumbes River to the Quebrada de Cazaderos; 4)-Cazaderos; 5)-The Quebrada de Pilares y del Alamor to the Chira River; 6)-The Chira River, upstream; 7)-The Maracai, C 1ulvas, and Espifdola Rivers, upstream, to the sources of the last mentioned in the Nudo de Sabanillas; 8)-From the Nudo de Sabanillas to the Canchis River; 9)-Along the whole course of the Canchis River, down- stream; 10)-The Chinchipe River, downstream, to the point at which it receives the San Francisco River. B)-In the east: 1)-From the Quebrada de San Francisco, the watershed between the Zamora and Santiago Rivers, to the con- fluence of the Santiago River with the Yaupi; 2)-A line to the outlet of the Bobonaza into the Pastaza. The confluence of the Cunambo River with the Pin- toyacu in the Tigre River;