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1994 Foreign Trade Agreements. See Recipro- cal Trade Agreements. Formhals, Edwin B., c o nsideration of dis- ability claim ..------------- Forsythe, M. V ., payment to----------- Fort Hall Indian Irrigation Project, pay- ments for damages----------------- Foster, Eugene M. (Lt. Col.), credit in accounts ----------------------- Fox, J. G., payment to---------------- France. See Fighting France. Frankel, Silas, payment to------------ Freeman, A. L., payment to ------- Freeman, Mrs. Murray, consideration of claim----------------------------- Freight Forwarders, Regulation of, change in enrollment of bill --------------- Fry, Walter W. (Master Sgt.), acceptance of foreign decoration authorized ---- Fuller, Isabelle, payment to----------- G G. T. Elliott, Inc., payment to---------- Gabriel, Henry (Heinz), admission for permanent residence ------- Galley, Mrs. Clara Mae, payment to ---- Gailey, Garland, payment to --------- Gamble, Alex, payment to ----------- Garcavy, George, payment to----- Garcia, Mrs. Nazaria, payment to heirs of-.------------------------- Garmendia, Juan, admission for perma- nent entry--------------------- Gasaway, C. C., payment to------------ Geer, George S., payment to------ General Pulaski's Memorial Day, 1942, observance----------------- Gentry, Tom, payment to estate of---- Germany, agreement with, respecting re- patriation and hospitalization of pris- oners of war--------------------- Gilbert, Clyde, payment to ---------- Gilchrist, John R. (Maj.), credit in ac- counts

Gillette, Edna La Blanche, payment to--- Gilmore, James, payment to---------- Gilmore, Marian E., payment to-------- Giordanengo, Angie, payment to-------- Giordanengo, Primo, payment to ----- Glover, Cato D. (Comdr.), payment to-- Gocker, Leo L. (Lt. Col.), credit in ac- counts -------------------- Goodman, L. H ., payment to------- Gordon, Joseph F., payment to--------- Gordon, Mildred G., payment to----- Graham, Marion E., removal of debt from records ------------------ Gray, Mrs. Marilla C., payment to----- INDEX Page 1115 1166 1115 1160 1124 1244 1143 1165 1264 1139 1206 1103 1210 1244 1244 1236 1141 1137 1113 1190 1203 1978 1179 1507 1216 1160 1100 1195 1195 1186 1186 1178 1160 1184 1249 1223 1257 1207 Great Britain, agreements with, respect- Page ing- Food supply for Iran --------------- Marine transportation and litigation- __ Military service -------------------- Mutual war aid----------------- 1433, Patent rights, etc., interchange of - -- Greece, agreement with, respecting mutu- al war aid-- __------------__----_ Greely, John N. (Maj. Gen.), acceptance of foreign decoration authorized------- Green, Clarence D. (Master Sgt.), accept- ance of foreign decoration authorized_ Greer, Percy Ray, payment to guardian of-------------------------- ---- Griffin, Carolyn D., consideration of claim_ Grill, Marie, payment to--------------- Grim, Margaret B., payment to ------- Gross, Charles P. (Lt. Col.) , acceptance of foreign decoration authorized ------ Grunsky, Donald L. (Ensign), credit in accounts -------- ___------__---- Guatemala, agreement with, respecting detail of military officer ----------- Guezuraga, Francisco, admission for per- manent entry ------ ___---_______- Guezuraga, Jose, admission for permanent entry----_____---__-__-_____---_ Gulf of Panama Maritime Control Area, establishment and control, proclama- tion ---------------------------- 1835 1780 1906 1605 1594 1559 1139 1139 1226 1213 1256 1148 1139 1250 1573 1113 1113 1932 H Haase, P. E ., credit in accounts of------- Hailpern, Jacques, admission for perma- nent residence - ----------------- Hailpern, Max, admission for permanent residence ------. - --- Haiti, agreements with, respecting-- 1147 1150 1150 Exchange of lands--- . .--- _. --- 1784 Finances ---

1830, 186i2 Reciprocal trade---------------- 1415 , 1497 Hall, Basil, payment to---------------- 1229 Hall, Dennis, payment to-------------- 1227 Hamilton, Donald E. (Master Sgt.) , ac- ceptance of foreign decoration au- thorized ------------------------- 1139 Hammett, Madeleine, payment to------- 1194 Hammett, Olive, payment to----------- 1194 "Handbook for Service Men and Women, World War II, and Their Depend- ents," printing of manuscript as public document------------------- 1266 Hanford, George O., r elease of liability__ 1246 Hansen, Henry P. (Master Sgt.), accept- ance of foreign decoration authorized- 1139 Hardy, Joseph, and R. V . Thurston, pay- ment to------------------------- 1106