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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 179-JUNE 30, 1943 Federal Reserve Salaries (reimbursable): For personal services in the District of notes . Columbia, in redeeming Federal Reserve notes, $64,000, to be reim- bursed by the Federal Reserve banks. Pot, p. 30. Printing and binding: For printing and binding for the Office of the Treasurer of the United States, $35,000. BUREAU OF CUSTOMS Pot, p. 60. Salaries and expenses: For collecting the revenuefrom customs, 50 u. . C., Supp. for enforcement, as specified in Executive Order Numbered 9083, of II app. §601 note. certain navigation laws, for the detection and prevention of frauds upon the customs revenue, and not to exceed $100,000 for the securing of evidence of violations of the customs and navigation laws; for expenses of transportation and transfer of customs receipts from Living quarters. points where there are no Government depositories; not to exceed $84,500 for allowances for living quarters, including heat, fuel, and light, as authorized by the Act approved June 26, 1930 (5 U. S . C. 46Stat.818. 118a), but not to exceed $1,700 for any one person; not to exceed $500 for subscriptions to newspapers; not to exceed $85,000 for sta- tionery; not to exceed $12,000 for improving, repairing, maintaining, or preserving buildings, inspection stations, office quarters, including living quarters for officers, sheds, and sites along the Canadian and Mexican borders acquired under authority of the Act of June 26, 1930 46Stat. 817. (19 U. S . C. 68); and for the purchase (not to exceed one hundred and fifty), maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles when necessary for official use in field Overtime compen- work; for the payment of extra compensation earned by customs sation. officers or employees for overtime services, at the expense of the parties in interest, in accordance with the provisions of section 5 of 36stat. 901;41stat. the Act approved February 13, 1911, as amended by the Act approved 402; 46 Stat. 15. February 7, 1920, and section 451 of the Tariff Act, 1930, as amended Depositofreceiptsas (19 U. S. C . 261, 267, and 1451), the receipts from such overtime refund to appropria- '. tion. ppropra services to be deposited as a refund to the appropriation from which such overtime compensation is paid, in accordance with the provi- 4SNit. 741 . sions of section 524 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended; for the 19.SC. l24c. ost of seizure, storage, and disposition of any merchandise, vehicle and team, automobile, boat, air or water craft, or any other con- veyance seized under the provisions of the customs laws, for the pur- Peronal services. chase of arms, ammunition, and accessories; not to exceed $665,108 for personal services in the District of Columbia exclusive of ten 46 Stat. 741. persons from the field force authorized to be detailed under section Abolishment of San 525 of the Tariff Act of 1930, $21,519,935: Provided, That the office Francisco office. of comptroller of customs at San Francisco, California, is hereby 'ransfer of duties, abolished. The duties imposed by law and regulations upon the said comptroller of customs, his assistants and deputies, are hereby trans- ferred to, imposed upon, and continued in positions now established in the Customs Service by or pursuant to law, as the Secretary of the Treasury by appropriate regulations shall specify: and he is further authorized to designate the title by which such positions shall be officially known hereafter. The Secretary of the Treasury. in performing the duties imposed upon him by this paragraph, shall administer the same in such manner that the transfer of duties pro- vided hereby will not result in the establishment of any new positions Interior ports of en- n the Customs Service: Provided further, That no interior port of entry shall be closed. Printing and binding: For printing and binding, Bureau of Cus- toms, including the cost of transportation to field offices of printed and bound material and the cost of necessary packing boxes and packing materials, $85,000. 256 [57 STAT