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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 179-JUNE 30, 1943 Star-route and Airmail service, Alaska: For inland transportation by star routes in Alaska, $500,000. Powerboat service: For inland transportation by steamboat or other powerboat routes, including ship, steamboat, and way letters, $550,000. Railroad transportation and mail messenger service: For inland transportation by railroad routes and for mail messenger service, $118,000,000: Provided, That separate accounts be kept of the amount expended for mail messenger service. Railway Mail Service: For fifteen division superintendents, fifteen assistant division superintendents, two assistant superintendents at large, one hundred and twenty chief clerks, one hundred and twenty assistant chief clerks, clerks in charge of sections in the offices of division superintendents, railway postal clerks, substitute railway postal clerks, joint employees, and laborers in the Railway Mail Service, $60,530,175. Railway postal clerks, travel allowance: For travel allowance to railway postal clerks and substitute railway postal clerks, $3,500,000. Railway Mail Service, traveling expenses: For actual and necessary expenses, general superintendent and assistant general superintendent, division superintendents, assistant division superintendents, assistant superintendents, chief clerks, and assistant chief clerks, Railway Mail Service, and railway postal clerks, while actually traveling on busi- ness of the Post Office Department and away from their several designated headquarters, $67,000. Railway Mail Service, miscellaneous expenses: For rent, light, heat, fuel, telegraph, miscellaneous and office expenses, telephone service, badges for railway postal clerks, rental of space for terminal railway post offices for the distribution of mails when the furnishing of space for such distribution cannot, under the Postal Laws and Regulations, properly be required of railroad companies without additional com- pensation, and for equipment and miscellaneous items necessary to terminal railway post offices, $380,000. Electric-car service: For electric-car service, $220,000. Foreign mail transportation: For transportation of foreign mails, except by aircraft, $675,000. Balances due foreign countries: For balances due foreign countries, fiscal year 1944 and prior years, $22.250000. In(lemnities, international mail: For payment of limited indemnity for the injury or loss of international mail in accordance with con- vention, treaty, or agreement stipulations, fiscal year .1944 and prior years, $8,000. Foreign air-mail transportation: For transportation of foreign mails by aircraft. as authorized by law, including the transportation of mail by aircraft between Seattle, Washington, and Juneau, Alaska, via Ketchikan, Alaska, $4,500,000. Domestic Air Mail Service: For the inland transportation of mail by aircraft, as authorized by law, and for the incidental expenses thereof, including not to exceed $55,200 for supervisory officials and clerks at air-mail transfer points, travel expenses, and not to exceed $76,720 for personal services in the District of Columbia, $22,000,000. OFFICE OF THE TRIID ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL Manufacture and distribution of stamps and stamped paper: For manufacture of adhesive postage stamps, special-delivery stamps, books of stamps, stamped envelopes, newspaper wrappers, postal cards, and for coiling of stamps, and including not to exceed $22,950 for pay of agent and assistants to examine and distribute stamped enve- 266 [57 STAT.