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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 182-JULY 1, 1943 family and effects of any such officer or employee from any foreign post, and thereafter transporting such family and effects to his post of assignment, to whatever extent may be determined necessary by the Secretary of State by reason of emergency conditions in any country that in his opinion may endanger the life of such officer or employee or any member of his family, including automobiles as 5 . S.c. 73c. authorized by the Act of April 30, 1940 (54 Stat. 174), and storage of effects while such officers or employees are absent from their per- Leavesofabsence. manent posts of duty, including also not to exceed $190,000 for expenses in connection with leaves of absence; attendance at trade and other conferences and congresses under orders of the Secretary 46Stat. 12 , 1210. of State as authorized by the Act approved February 23, 1931 (22 I, s. 17 C, upp. U. S . C . 16, 17); preparation and transportation of the remains of Tmnsortatson re those officers and employees of the Foreign Service, who have died or dying abroad. may die abroad or in transit while in the discharge of their official duties, to their former homes in this country or to a place not more distant for interment, and for the ordinary expenses of such inter- ment, and also for payment under the provisions of section 1749 of the Revised Statutes (22 U. S. C. 130) of allowances to the widows or heirs at law of Diplomatic, Consular, and Foreign Service officers of the United States dying in foreign countries in the discharge of Trael der se their duties, $850,000, of which amount not to exceed $50,000 shall be ry oers available until June 30, 1945 for disbursement for expenses of travel under orders issued by the Secretary of State during the fiscal year Subsistene on tem- 1944: Provided, That this appropriation shall be available also for the authorized subsistence expenses of Consular and Foreign Service officers while on temporary detail under commission. Pot,p . 628. Foreign Service quarters: For rent, heat, fuel, and light for the Foreign Service for offices and grounds, and, as authorized by the 46 Stat. 818. Act approved June 26, 1930 (5 U. S . C . 118a), for living quarters and for allowances for living quarters, including heat, fuel, and light, Advance payment $2,100,000: Provided,That payment for rent may be made in advance: Leases. Provided further, That the Secretary of State may enter into leases for such offices, grounds, and living quarters for periods not exceeding ten years and without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes inlitations. (41 U, S. C. 5): Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall he used for allowances for living quarters, including heat, fuel, and light, in an amount exceeding $3,000 for an ambassador, minister, or charge d'affaires, and not exceeding $2,000 for any other Foreign Service officer: Provided further, That under this appropriation and Pot, p . 275. the appropriations herein for "Contingent expenses, Foreign Service", and "Miscellaneous salaries and allowances, Foreign Service". not more than $5,000 shall be expended for heat, fuel, and light for living quarters for each ambassador or minister occupying a Government- owned building for residence or residence and office purposes, and not more than $1,700 for such purposes in the case of any other Foreign Service officer, and during the incumbency of a charge d'affaires the limitation on such expenditures shall be the same as for the occupancy by the principal officer. Pot, p. 6 Cost of living allowances, Foreign Service: To carry out the pro- visions of the Act approved February 23, 1931, as amended by the W.46stat.M209;a3stat. Act of April 24, 1939 (22 U. S. C . 12, 23c), relating to allowances and additional compensation to diplomatic, consular, and Foreign Service officers, clerks, and other employees when such allowances and additional compensation are necessary to enable such officers, clerks, and other employees to carry on their work efficiently, $490,000: S ided, That such allowances and additional compensation shall be granted only in the discretion of the President, and under such regu- lations as he may prescribe. 274 [57 STAT.