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P7 STAT.] 78TH OONG., IST SEBS.-CH. 219-JULY 12, 1943 ness pertaining to the Indian Service sent and received by the Bureau of Indian Affairs at Washington, District of Columbia, and Chicago, Illinois; rental of office equipment and the purchase of necessary supplies therefor, and other necessary expenses of the Indian Service for which no other appropriation is available, $50,000. For advertising, inspection, storage, and all other expenses incident to the purchase of goods and supplies for the Indian Service and for payment of railroad, pipe-line, and other transportation costs of such goods and supplies, $790,000: Provided, That no part of this appro- priation shall be used in payment for any services except bill therefor is rendered within one year from the time the service is performed. For maintaining law and order on Indian reservations, including pay of judges of Indian courts, pay of Indian police, and pay of employees engaged in the suppression of the traffic in intoxicating liquors, marihuana, and deleterious drugs among Indians, and includ- ing traveling expenses, supplies, and equipment, $267,000. For lease, purchase, construction (not to exceed $1,500 for any one building), repair, and improvement of agency buildings, exclusive of hospital buildings, including the installation, repair, and improve- ment of heating, lighting, power, and sewerage and water systems in connection therewith, $175,000. Vehicles, Indian Service: Not to exceed $450,000 of applicable appropriations made herein for the Bureau of Indian Affairs shall be available for the maintenance, repair, and operation of motor- propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles for the use of employees in the Indian field service, and the transportation of Indian school pupils, and not to exceed $175,000 of applicable appropriations may be used for the purchase of motor-propelled pas- senger-carrying vehicles, and such vehicles may be used for the transportation of Indian school pupils. Replacement of property destroyed by fire, flood, or storm: That to meet possible emergencies not exceeding $35,000 of the appropria- tions made by this Act for support of reservation and nonreservation schools, for school and agency buildings, and for conservation of health among Indians shall be available, upon approval of the Sec- retary, for replacing any buildings, equipment, supplies, livestock, or other property of those activities of the Indian Service above referred to which may be destroyed or rendered unserviceable by fire, flood, or storm: Provided, That any diversions of appropriations made hereunder shall be reported to Congress in the annual Budget. INDIAN LANDS Leasing of lands for Navajo Indians (tribal funds): For lease, pending purchase, of land and water rights for the use and benefit of Indians of the Navajo Tribe in Arizona and New Mexico, $12,000, payable from funds on deposit to the credit of the Navajo Tribe. The unexpended balance of the appropriation of $25,000 contained in the Interior Department Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1938, for the payment of taxes, including penalties and interest, assessed against individually owned Indian land, title to which is held sub- ject to restrictions against alienation or encumbrance except with the consent or approval of the Secretary, when such land was purchased with trust or restricted funds with the understanding that after pur- chase it would be nontaxable, as authorized by the Act of June 20, 1936 (49 Stat. 1542), is hereby continued available for the same pur- poses until June 30, 1944. For payments to Indians, and to States, counties, or political sub- divisions thereof, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 457 Purchase of goods and supplies. Maintenance of law and order. Lease, etc., of agecy buildings. Report to OonIUse. Restcted lands, taxes, etc. 50 Sta. 573. aU. s .c. 1412& Reimbursement kt taxes paid on allotted tends