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EIGHTEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 180, 193, 196. 1824. 315 Cgar. CLXXX. —An Hot to authorize the President to exchange jive arpem of STATUTE L land on the south side of the public (ot at Baton Rouge for an equal quantity May gg, 1824, of land on the north sule of sand lot. ———-——-———-— Be it enacted, @*0., That the President of the United States be Th°_P'°Sid€¤* authorized to exchange five arpens of land, on the south side of the gggwégzign? 8:,; public lot, in the town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for an equal quan- the south side or tity of land on the north part of the said lot, which has been con- £::l";,_L‘: ;“ E.; tirmed to the heirs of Eulogia de Casas; and to give and receive such me of mi iiorth titles as he may deem proper for perfecting said exchange. Pm °l`¤¤id M- Approved, May 26, 1824. S'r.u·u·rE I. Cmir. CXClII.·j An Act granting to the Corporation of Tuskaloosa certain lots May 26 ,824. and privileges over the reservations and commons in said town, ’ Be it enacted, ¢§·c., That the right and title of the United States to The right and the public streets, and to certain lots in the town of Tuskaloosa, set gu; ‘;£‘*'° U: . . . . . e publtc apart for public uses, and designated in the plan of said town, by the stream, ,;,0,, in names of the “Court Square," the “Market Square," the “Jail Lot," the Wwn ¤i"l`¤§· the “Spring," the “Church," and the “Burial Ground," be, and the ¥?;°°?g§s;:g;: same is hereby, vested in the corporation of said town forever: And, of said town foralso, all the right of the United States to that tract, between the lots °",¥,iM_, ht Gm and the river Tuskaloosa, called the “River Margin," and of that called to ,m,q,i, ’t,a,,{ the “Pond ; " and, also, of that called " the Common;" on condition, V¢¤¤¤$-li¤S=¤<l<=<>r- however, that the corporation shall not lease or sell any portion of the {°£:`2g,l:,,§'{‘,,,,°;i°" last-mentioned tracts; but, that the same shall be appropriated to the purposes for which they were designated and set apart, as well for the benefit of the inhabitants of said town, as for that of those resorting to, or visiting the same; and in case the same, or any part thereof, be applied to any other purpose, that it revert to the United States. Approved, May 26, 1824. "'_—"' S·n·ru·rm I. Cnar. CXCVI.·—-An Act for the relief of the Corporation of the Church of St. May 26, |824, Anno, and to authorize the extension of Lamed Street, in the town of Detroit. ————-; Be it enacted, ¢§·e., That it shall be lawful for the Governor and Judges Lqyned ,,,6% of the Territory of Michigan, to cause Larned Street, in the town of in Micbizum t¤ Detroit to be continued, westerly, parallel to Jefferson Avenue, until it b° °°m'""'°d' intersects the street which runs northerly from said Avenue, at right angles therewith, near the public barn, agreeable to the plan of the town; and to cause the public barn, and the pickets bounding the military reserve, to be removed to the north side of Larned Street. Sec.2. And be it further enacted, That so much of the military P¤¤¤fmi|i¤¥y reserve, lying south of Larned Street, thus extended, as is included in ;$Sf3;e;:"¤,:f;Q the deed from the said governor and judges to the Corporation of the rica of St. Kline. Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church of St. Anne, of Detroit, on the Ilth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, be, and the same is hereby declared to be, confirmed to the said corporation. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the residue of the said mili- Residue to be tary reserve, between Larned Street and Jefferson Avenue, included dispose)? ¤f th within the pickets of the said reserve, and bounded west by said street, 3g??,;;- Kp;} 2f which runs from said Avenue to the public barn, and east by the east 1e06,eh.43. bounds of the military reserve, be, and the same is hereby declared to be, vested in the said governor and judges, to be disposed of as, by the act of Congress, passed the twenty-first day of April, one thousand eight hundred and six, entitled "An act to provide for the adjustment of titles of land in the town of Detroit, and territory of Michigan, and for other purposes," is directed. Approved, May 26, 1824.