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NINETEEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 87, 88, 89, 90. 1827. 367 Snrurx II. CHAP. LXXXVII.-—-An Act for the reliq" of Haley and IIa/nic. Mami-. 3, ]827, Be it enacted, ttm., That the Postmaster General be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed, out of the funds arising from post offices, Payment fmto pay to Haley and Harris, two thousand dollars, in full discharge for *¤¤?¤P°¤'¥i¤8 *h° transporting the mail from Columbus to Natchez, in the state of Mis- mm1` sissippi, during the years one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one and one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two. Approved, March 3, 1827. S·rurv•r¤ II. CHAI-. LXXXVIlI.—An Act for the relief of Horace Waite, and others. March 3, 1827. Be it enacted, &c., That the Collector of the Customs for the District of New London be, and he is hereby, directed to pay to Horace To be paid the Waite, owner of the schooner Parnell, of the burthen of sixty-one tons ¤u°“'*m°° °f”t and thirty-five ninety-fifths of a ton, which schooner, in the year eigh- $§g°:§,Tg§;;;° teen hundred and twenty-three, was driven on shore, after having been ' employed, under a license for carrying on the cod fishery, more than three months, such proportion of the allowance to which said schooner would have been entitled if she had completed her fishing term, as the time during which she was actually employed at sea (to be proved to the satisfaction of said Collector) bears to the said fishing term of three months and a half; which amount so [to] be paid, shall be distributed among the persons composing the crew of said schooner, according to law. Armzovan, March 3, 1827. W Srarvwa II. CHAP. LXXXIX.—An Act fm- the relief of Joseph Le Ctupentier. March 3, 1827. Be it enacted, <§~c., That the Collector of the Customs for the port of New Orleans, in Louisiana, be authorized to issue certificates of de- Certineares of benture to Joseph Le Carpentier, or his attorney, legally constituted, !l°b°:‘,*“'i;° be for the amount of drawback of duties on thirty-three packages of mer- mmm t° m' chandise, shipped on board the schooner l’AimbIe Caroline, L. Ducant, master, at New Orleans, on the nineteenth day of March, eighteen hundred and twenty-three, for the Havana: which shipment was entered at the custom-house for exportation, but the oath required by law was not taken, nor the bond given within the time prescribed by law, by _ reason of sickness: Provided, That the said Joseph Le Carpentier P¥°V*¤°· shall, in all other respects, comply with the law, to entitle him to the said debenture. Approved, March 3, 1827. —-——-· Sanus: II. Crum. XC.-An Act for the relief of .L Balaatier and Cbmpany, Peter Harmo- M¤1’¢h 3. 1827- ny, and W W Russel. W Be it enacted, &c., That the Collector of the port of New York be, D b kd and he is hereby, authorized to permit J. Balastier and Company, Peter lowrggvogcphyj Harmony, and William W. Russel, merchants of New York, to export, ing cm-dS_ with benefit of drawback, certain cases or packages of Spanish playing cards, by them severally imported into that port, in the year eighteen hundred and twenty-five; the said J. Balastier and Company, Peter Harmony, and William W. Russel, complying with the forms and requisites of the existing acts, allowing the benefit of drawback. Approved, March 3, 1827.