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TWENTY—·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 76. 1832. 485 sury shall be, and is hereby, authorized to locate or enter, or cause to be located or entered, in tracts not less in quantity than two sections in one body, such a number of sections, or legal subdivisions of sections of the unappropriated land of the United States, within the state of Mississippi, as may be equal in number to those which may be relinquished by said Board in virtue of the first section of this act, to be selected, entered or located, either before or after the same may have been offered at public sale, conforming in such entries or locations, to the legal subdivisions established by the surveys made or to be made under the authority of the United States; and such entries or locations Register to shall be made with the Register of the Land Office for the district in i¤¤¤·= ¤¤r¢ifi¤¤¢¢» whieh the land so entered or located may lie, and it shall be the duty of &°‘ such Register to designate such land on the maps and other books in his office in the same manner as lands sold by him, and to issue in each case a certificate of such entry or location in the form to be prescribed by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, which certificate shall vest a full and complete title to the land described therein in Jefferson College, and thereupon a patent shall issue. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Board of Trustees of Authority to Jefferson College be and they are hereby authorized and permitted to ¤€ll°Fl€¤¤°· sell or lease for any term of years, the lands which may be entered or located by virtue of this act, for the benefit of said College, and the deed or deeds of the said Trustees, shall vest a valid title in fee simple in all lands sold by them in virtue of the authority herein conferred: Provided, That the proceeds of such sales shall constitute a permanent Proviso. fund for the use of said College. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That to enable the Trustees to Authority to secure to the said College, all the benefits arising from this act with as {¤¤¤¤f¤r wht °{ little delay and expense as practicable, they may and they are hereby ,;;°t§2_°r °n` authorized, if in their opinion the interests of said Institution would be i promoted thereby, to transfer the right of location or entry conferred by this act, either in whole or in part; and the person or persons legally holding the deed or deeds of transfer, passed under the corporate seal of said College, shall be allowed to make the selection, entry, or location, in the manner provided and in the quantity so transferred, and shall be entitled to receive a certificate or certificates from the Register of the proper Land District, and which shall be issued to the legal holder of such deed of assignment as the assignee of Jefferson College, and the title under such certificates shall be accounted and held as valid and complete as if a patent had issued therefor, and all certificates, which may be issued by virtue of this act, shall be recorded in the office from which they emanate, and for each certificate so issued and recorded, the Register shall be entitled to two dollars, to be paid by the party in whose favor such certificate may be issued. Approved, April 20, 1832. Srtrucrz I. CHAP. LXXVI. -—-.lln det confirming to Joshua Iémwdg, his claim to Zz tract of May 5, 1832. land in the city of Mobile. """‘*""“ Be it enacted, eye., That Joshua Kennedy, of the city and county of Mobile, in the state of Alabama, be, and he is hereby, confirmed in his Land claim claim to a tract of land, containing twenty and twenty-eight hundredths °°°H'm°d· ` arpens, situate in the south part of the city of Mobile, which said claim is designated as " claim number ten, in abstract A, number two’i of the report made to the Secretary of the Treasury on the twenty-ninth of February, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, by the Commissioners appointed under the act of Congress of third March, one Acro; Marsh thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven, entitled “3n;ct supplement- 3, 1827, ck 78- Q