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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 49, 51,63, 64,65. 1836. 629 from the sale of said land, shall be considered, and shall constitute a. part of the general fund appropriated for the University of Michigan. Approved, March 22, 1836. ·····—·—· Snrurs I. Gnu. XLIX. —An Act for the rel@‘qf Henry B. Tyler, executor of Colonel April g, 1335, Richard ith, deceased. j··—·‘ Be it enacted, ef-c., That the proper accounting officers oflthe treaq snry be, and they are hereby, authorized and directed to pass to the Amdgtwb, credit of Henry B. Tyler, executor of the last will and testament of ¤ll¤w¤d- Lieutenant Colonel Richard Smith, deceased, the sum of two thousand five hundred and fifty-eight dollars and sixty-four cents, being the balance remaining unpaid to said Smith of·the moneys accruing to him under the provisions of an act of Congress approved on the 14th day Acmrjuly I4, of July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, entitled "An act 1832. ch- 223- concerning certain officers of the marine corps," and to pay the same out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Arvnovnn, April 9, 1836. Srnurs I. Cr-up, LI. —-—./fl? to exttend the tim;for seging tx grdagtedbto the {mor- Am.;] 11, 1g3S_ pom c entuc y asy am, or teas ing! a um . —-———· Be it enacted, ¢§·c., That the further time of two years, from and after the fifth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, be _'I‘imo for selland the same is hereby allowed the trustees of the Centre college of ":H.°“dt°*'°“d‘ Kentucky, who are also trustees of the Kentucky asylum for teaching g,,,,,,: w° the deaf and dumb, to Fell the land grantedlto said trustees for the use and benefit of said asy um, by an act entitled "An act for the benefit of the incor orated Kentuck as lum for teaehin the deaf and dumb," Act of April P Y Y 8 approved the fifth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and 5·1826¤°h·24- twenty-six. Approved, April 11, 1836. "*"' Srnuws I. CHAP. LXIII.—An Act jbr the relief of Benedict Alford, and Robert Brush. May 14, 1836. Be it enacted, 4-0., That the Secretary of War be required to place ` the names of Benedict Alford and Robert Brush on the list of revolu- To beplsced tionary pensioners, who shall be entitled to and receive, pensions at the °“ P°“°‘°“i““· rates following: The said Benedict Alford at the rate of sixty dollars, and the said Robert Brush at the rate of forty dollars, per annum, from the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-one, and to continue during their natural lives. Approved, May 14, 1836. -—-—— · S·ra·ru·rs I. Cmur. LXIV.- An .0ct fm- the relief of Jesse Sykes. May 14, 1836. Be it enacted, cj~c., That there be paid to Jesse Sykes, annually, for the term of his natural life, out of any money in the treasury not other· A pension wise appropriated, the sum of twenty dollars, to commence on the fourth gf¤¤¤¤d· day of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one. AP1’ROVED, May 14, 1836. Snrurz I. C . LXV.—-An Act or the rcli of Ben 'am `n Bennet, Peter Guthrie, Gem' c _ lI$ZPBennct, James Cafvlin, John F§er, and the h,eirs of Henry Sumpter, deceasef Be it enacted, <§·c., That Benjamin Bennet be, and he is hereby, _ authorized to relinquish to the United States, in such manner and form 3*3*1-_B§¤;°* as the Commissioner of the General Land Office shall prescribe, the fg1in3Q?,'; up north—east quarter of the north-east quarter of section number thirty, in tain land, &.c. 3 c 2