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TWEN'1`Y—FIFTH CONGRESS. Smsstlll. Ch. 51,52,53,54, 55. 1839. 755 Srsruru III. CHAP, LI. —-— An Act for the relief of the legal representatives ry' Charles S1 Walsh. Much 2_ 1g3Q_ Be it enacted, <§·c., That the proper accounting officer of the treasury do allow and pay to the legal representatives of Charles S. Walsh, Allowed the out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, a sum of dl€€Y¤¤°¤ bemoney, in addition to the pay of secretary of legation, sufficient to make ;`?;°,;J£":,,¥:ay up to said Charles S. Walsh the salary of charge d’affaires at the Court of leganon, dud of Spain, from the twenty-seventh day of July, one thousand eight hun- *h*¤°f¤ ¤h¤fSé· dred and twenty-nine, to the ninth day of December, of the same year. Amnzovno, March 2, 1839. W S1·Arvm III. CHAP. LII.--An Act for the relief of Nathaniel H. Hove. March 2, 1839. Be it enacted, nyc., That all the interest and claim of the United States to the south-east quarter of section seventeen, township twenty-four, {,,,,.,86,,); range three west, in the Tuscaloosa land district, in Alabama, and for U,S. in acerwhich a certificate of purchase from the said land office, numbered ‘“f"’“?‘,;’f(;°“d twelve thousand three hundred and twenty-·five, was issued to said Na- Lixquls 8 m thaniel H. Hooe, be, and the same are hereby, relinquished: Provided, Pmviso. That nothing in this act shall be so construed to prejudice the claim of any other individual, either by pre-emption or otherwise to said described tract of land: And provided further, That, if the money paid into the Prcviso. land office as the price' of said land at the time the entry was made, has been refunded to said Nathaniel H. Hooe, to entitle him to the benefit of this act, he shall repay the original amount so refunded into the said land office. Approved, March 2, 1839. ‘—""*' S1·A·rvu·s III. CHAP. LIII.-—An Act for the relief of John E. Alexander. March 2, 1g3Q_ Be it enacted, firc., That the Secretary of the Treasury pay to John Payment for E. Alexander, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropri- s°¥"*°‘=‘S Cin Purated, the sum of one hundred and seventy dollars, for thirty-four days’ $;g€,;%0u°;,;,,_ services, by direction of the Secretary of State, in pursuing after and teiters. arresting persons engaged in counterfeiting the coin of the United States, and bills, and putting them in circulation. Avraovnn, March 2, 1839.

  • "‘""‘ STATUTB III.

CHAP. LIV.-An Act for the relief of John Randchoh Clay. March 2, 1839. Be it enacted, dw., That there be allowed to John Randolph Clay, in Allowed the the settlement of his accounts, the difference between the compensation ?*fl°"*¤;° b°‘ of a charge d’affaires and that of a secretary of legation, for the time he O`; geghzégay acted in the former capacity in Russia, viz : from the twenty-fifth of and that of a December, eighteen hundred and thirty-five, to the twenty-ninth of June, s;‘i;:;'*'Y °f 1*** eighteen hundred and thirty-six. g ` APPROVED, March 2, 1839. '_""‘ STATUTE III. CHAP. LV.-An Act for the rclicf of William Colt and William Donaldson. March 2, 1839. Be it enacted, &c., That the Postmaster-General issue his warrant on t.he Treasury of the United States, registered and countersigned as pro- payment {0,. vided by law, for the payment to Williani Colt and to William Donold- arresting and son, out of the moneys paid into the treasury for the services of the Post 5":';5°s0“,;;)';€8. Ofiice Department, for the sum of six hundred and ninety-seven dollars, being for their expenses and for their services in pursuing after, arresting, and prosecuting William Kremer and Abraham Kromer for robbing the mail, and who were convicted of said offence. Approved, March 2, 1839.