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Page V Vancouver, Wash., improvement of Co- lumbia River authorized----------- 637 Vandenberg, Hoyt S., appointment as permanent brigadier general of the line of the Regular Army, authorized 56 Vegetable Crops and Diseases, appropria- tion for investigations, etc--------- 279 Vegetables Processed Prior to July 1, 1946, subsidy payments, 1946 crop program operations------------------------ 57 Venereal Diseases, prevention, treatment, control, etc., appropriation for---- 690 Vessels. See also Merchant Marine; Mer- chant Marine Act of 1936; Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946; Naval Ves- sels; War Shipping Administration. Coast Guard- Special projects, reduction in ap- propriation ----------------- 18, 627 Transfer of designated functions from Treasury Department and Com- merce Department to Comman- dant of Coast Guard----------- 1097 Vessels and shore facilities- Acquisition- Appropriation for ------------ 532 Reduction in appropriation----- 18 Construction (lend-lease), reduc- tion in appropriation-------- 627 Emergency construction, reduction in appropriation------------- 18 Commerce, Department of, transfer of designated functions to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs - - 1097 Fishing, surplus vessels suitable for, sale by U. S ., notice to former owners of disposal --------------- 977 Foreign vessels, transfer to U. S., appro- priations available for expenses-- 83, 49E Government employees, travel on U. S. ships, suspension of requirement- 8( Lend-lease, reduction in appropriation for vessels, etc------------------ Maritime workers, unemployment com- pensation. See under Social Security Act Amendments of 1946. Merchant vessels, defense installations- Availability of designated appropria- tion------------------------- 22X Reduction in appropriation--------- 1I Passenger lists, certain vessels arriving at ports on Great Lakes, exemp- tion from filing----------------- 88: State marine schools, availability of war-built vessels to-------------- 4 Transfer, designated agencies, author- ized------------------------- 54 80634 -47 --T . I---81 Vessels-Continued. Page Treasury Department, transfer of des- ignated functions to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs --_ --- -_ - 1097 Veterans' preference in acquisition of certain ------------------------ 976 Veterans. See also Veterans' Administra- tion. Allied nations, veterans of, furnishing on reimbursement basis of certain benefits, supplies, etc.; reciprocal services_---------------------- 526 Automobiles, etc., for disabled veterans of World War II, appropriation for--------------------------- 915 Boulder Canyon Project Act, amend- ment, preference in entry to des- ignated lands ----------------- 37 Boxer Rebellion- Pension rates, increase------------ 863 Effective date------------------- 864 Widows and children of deceased veterans, removal of limitation on death compensation or pen- sion payable to --------------- 931 Building materials for dwelling houses, priority ------------------------ 81 Death compensation payable to widows and children of certain, removal of limitations------------------ 931 Deceased- Increase in amount payable in con- nection with funeral and burial_ 654 World War II, benefits under Social Security Act in case of; ap- propriation authorized ------ 979, 980 Decentralization allowances, Govern- ment employees, appropriation for- 612 Disability claims, determination of initial ratings------------------- 319 Disability pensions, peacetime-incurred disabilities, certain, increase in pension rate for----------------- 904 Disabled American Veterans, tax ex- emption for certain property in District of Columbia------------ 161 District of Columbia- Housing, designated temporary, pro- vision of utilities, authorized--- 203 Appropriation authorized -------- 203 5 Appropriation for--------------- 509 a Services to veterans, authorization-- 169 Appropriation authorized -------- 169 Appropriation for -------------- 509 3 District of Columbia Servicemen's Read- justment Enabling Act of 1945-- 159 9 Education- "Educational or training institutions," 9 definition------------------ 934 INDEX CLXXIX