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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 251 -MAY 13, 1946 179 USE OF GOVERNMENT-OWNED LANDS Requests for Use SEC. 16. (a) Whenever the Administrator determines that use of any lands owned or controlled by the United States is reasonably necessary for carrying out a project under this Act, or for the operation of any public airport, he shall file with the head of the department or agency having control of such lands a request that such property interest therein as he may deem necessary be conveyed to the public agency sponsoring the project in question or owning or controlling the airport. Such property interest may consist of the title to or any other interest in land or any easement through or other interest in air space. Making of Conveyances (b) Upon receipt of a request from the Administrator under this section, the head of the department or agency having control of the lands in question shall determine whether the requested conveyance is inconsistent with the needs of the department or agency, and shall notify the Administrator of his determination within a period of four months after receipt of the Administrator's request. If such depart- ment or agency head determines that the requested conveyance is not inconsistent with the needs of that department or agency, such depart- ment or agency head is hereby authorized and directed, with the approval of the President and the Attorney General of the United States, and without any expense to the United States, to perform any acts and to execute any instruments necessary to make the conveyance Co requested; but each such conveyance shall be made on the condition that the property interest conveyed shall automatically revert to the United States in the event that the lands in question are not developed, or cease to be used, for airport purposes. REIMBURSEMENT FOR DAMAGE BY FEDERAL AGENCIES TO PUBLIC AIRPORTS Submission and Determination of Claims SEC. 17. (a) Reimbursement shall be made to public agencies, as provided in this section, for the necessary rehabilitation or repair of public airports heretofore or hereafter substantially damaged by any Federal agency. The Administrator is authorized on behalf of the United States to consider, ascertain, adjust, and determine in accord- ance with regulations he shall prescribe pursuant to this section, any claim submitted by any public agency for reimbursement of the cost of necessary rehabilitation or repair of a public airport, under the control or management of such public agency, substantially damaged by any Federal agency. Certification of Claims to Congress (b) Such amount as may be found to be due to any claimant under this section shall be certified by the Administrator to Congress as a claim against the United States, and appropriations for payment of such claims are hereby authorized to be made. Such certification shall include a brief statement of the character of each claim, the amount claimed, and the amount allowed. Limitation on Submission of Claims (c) No claim shall be considered by the Administrator pursuant to this section unless such claim has been presented to him within six months after the occurrence of the damage upon which the claim